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Cycle Review


250 BW 10% BF 6"4
W 0 frontload test
W 1-8 test cyp 125 mg EOD
W 1-6 winstrol 50 mg (inj) ED
W 1-6 anavar 40 mg ED
W 1-10 Adex 0.5 EOD (or as needed)
W 11 Clomid 40
W 12 Clomid 20
W 13 Clomid 10

HGH 2 UI AM year round
Adding 2 UI PM before workout for the duration of the above

7%-8% BF (diet is very strict)
increase vascularity and definition


The test dosage seems quite low.

Your goals is to lose 5 pounds of fat, doesnt seem like it needs these drugs to do that. But you know your body better than we do.


looks fine. I hope you Winny is oil based. Winnie suspension hurts like a truck. cheers! I might run the anavar a bit higher though. your call.


Im planning i a low dose of test just to avoid catabolism, and these last 5 pound of fat i need to loose you know are the hardest, especially at my age ...

I will asses the results in week #2 and if necessary will up to 60mg, Winny pain ....I can take liver toxicity I cant.....

As reference
My Program plan is a 24 week plan divided in to two cycles with recovery and rest in between. I am very pleased with the first 8 weeks!! With a very strict diet running HGH year round upping the dose to 4 ui during cycles Iâ??m so impressed with phase 1 that I just canâ??t wait for phase II which is what I detail above.

Log Phase I
W 0 BW 250 15 % BF
W 5 BW 259 14% BF
W 8 BW 251 11 % BF