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Cycle Review


Im 5'10 190, 25yrs old, have been lifting for about 10 years. When I was younger (21) I ran a large cycle and got great gains then great problems following. All because of my lack of maturity and research. Needless to say I have been lifting the past 4 years with no supps. Diet is in tact, and my base is good and ready for a little boost. I plan to run something short and easy on the system, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

wk 1-6 Test-p 75mgs Ed
Wk 1-4 D-bol 20-30mgs Ed
wk 1-6 A-dex .25mgs ED
wk 3-6 HCG 250ius e3d (maybe, just to keep the boys going)
Wk 7-8 Clomid 25mgs morning 25mgs evening
wk 7-10 Novla 40/20/20/10

Like I said from the previous problem I had before I may be a little paranoid and am trying to be on the safer side. Suggestions?


Good cycle as laid out. Lose the clomid.


Sounds like a good cycle. I don’t see why you should need HCG for only a 6 week cycle containing no 19-nors. You could probably save your money unless you are specifically trying to get your wife pregnant, or something of that sort.

I may be the board contrarian in this respect, but I would go for a couple more weeks on your prop. Or go by feeling after you reach the 5 or 6 week mark. You’ll be able to see if you are still making gains or if you are nearing a plateau.

No personal experience with clomid but (or, rather, because) I’ve heard many bad things about it. Usually regarding emotional/depression issues.

Good luck.


prob one of the better planned out cycles i have seen people post here, as stated above drop the clomid, some are OK with it but if you have any depression/anxiety/life worries in general it tends to wreck you emotionally, its hard to explain unless you have been there. Fact is the nolva will be suffiecient so save the money and don’t take the chance.

  • Do 6 weeks of Dbol as well as 6 of test.

  • 525mg test and 210mg dbol is a very cool cycle that could be repeated for a number of successful cycles. It will make a great base for half a dozen other cycles too.

  • i find that 210mg dbol (down 10mg from my last statement like this!) a week is the best for me… it is effective and low in ALL sides.

  • Drop the clomid, one SERM is sufficient and Tamoxifen is preferred for the reasons morepain and cortes gave - and i too don’t use it for the exact reasons cortes gave…

  • If you have the HCG, i would probably just use 250iu 2x a week for the 3rd week and the 6th week only… it would be enough to keep the boys plump i’m sure, and not too much to increase suppression/estrogen any further.
    If not, then it isn’t going to be too tough to recover from this cycle.

A good cycle and i agree with morepain.
I am a big fan of short, 6 week cycles (with higher doses however - although with your experience these are decent doses IMO)… and even before i came to this site, and before i even used testosterone as a steroid, my cycles consisting of primarily Nandrolone and Proviron all were 6-8 weeks long.

OT: Cortes - when is your show? Hows things coming?



[quote] Brook wrote:

OT: Cortes - when is your show? Hows things coming?


July 26th. And I am so far pretty durned happy with the results I’ve been experiencing, thanks to the solid advice of a few key friends; notably BBB.

I do promise to have pics up sooner rather than later.