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Cycle Review


Lose BF %, increase muscle density.

Proposed 10 week cycle
W 1-8 Test Cyp-Prop 250mg E3D
W 1-5 Deca 200mg E3D
W 4-8 Stan 50mg EOD
W 4-8 Albuterol 20mg ED
W 4-10 Novarel 500 UI EOD
W 2-10 Tamoxifen 10mg ED


I would front-load both teste and deca.

Dont use Tamoxifen use an AI during cycle and Nolva post cycle.


Dont know much about albuterol


"Diet and bodybuilding use

Salbutamol is taken by some as an alternative to Clenbuterol for purposes of fat burning.[9]" - Wikipedia

I remember this being a really long estered version of clen. It takes a while to kick in .


No, you'll feel the Albuterol within an hour of taking it. It doesn't last as long as Clenbuterol, which can be nice if you have trouble sleeping that night. It makes me shaky, so I don't use it any more. Personally, I prefer just reducing food intake a bit more. But see what works for you.


wrong way round mate albuterol (salbutamol) is the shorter acting version of clen and IMO better than clen to use for fat loss and helps strength better than clen does to
also less shakes
u just gotta take it more often during the day

anthony roberts wrote a good article on it here


Wikipedia is an excellent tool - but for upto-date, current information about AAS and ancillaries for Bodybuilding purposes - there are a few slightly better choices...

No, Albuterol has a half life of around 4 hours IIRC, while clenbuterol is around 36hrs...

Glad you continued to post Hussayn.


I was almost certain that Tamox work as a AI during the cycle , thanks for the advice ill look into this ! and modify accordingly

Modified PCT
W 1-3 Nolva 20mgsED, HCG500iuED, Arom20mgs ED
W 4-6 20mgs ED


W 1-8 Test Cyp-Prop 250mg E3D
W 1-4 Deca 250mg E3D
W 4-8 Stan 50mg ( Cant get this and will replace with Furaguno 100 mg/day ???) EOD
W 4-8 Albuterol 20mg ED

Adding AI at beggining of Cycle
W 1-8 AI EOD

any feedback on the furaguno instead of the winny ?


Tamoxifen does work during cycle, but it is not the best option. From what I understand, using during cycle is an outdated practice.

I would go with Airimidex during cycle. I would start at .5mg EOD and then see where you need to go from there. Dynamo Hum has some great post on how and why to increase/decrease Adex dosages.


What the hell is this test Cyp-Prop you speak of?


ok ......im old school :slight_smile:

Test 200-50 Cyp- Prop => blend


HCG is not recommended for PCT. Use it during cycle at 250iu EOD.


If that is the case the E3D is not going to be often enough for inection purposes. Go with EOD instead for much more stable blood levels.

Id also add in a bit of additional prop through the first few weeks of this cycle.


Ill look into the EOD,

Keep in mind the

Lose BF %, increase muscle density

Any feed back on the Furaguno ??


Very, very weak, I gather, which is why I've never bothered with it.


Its a week sup , I agree nothing like the real Winstrol !

How true is that 100 mg of Furaguno = 25 mg of winstrol ?

This talks to the weakness of this product and to get similar effects loading up would be necessary.

Or the other option, just not use it.

Winstrol (stanozolol) based - Winztrol, Orastan-A, Furaguno, etc
from :


Losing body fat is simple - diet and exercise.. both of which can be more vigourous while using AAS to build or at least preserve your muscle.

As for muscle density - that is a term relating simply to the visual look of a muscle, and has no real basis in physiology.
There is controversy surrounding the building of muscle using 1-6 reps and 6-12 reps ie. Strength type training and bodybuilding style training. The former is supposed to build a denser muscle than the latter - i think that the simple reason is the way each athlete trains - a strength athlete will train large groups of muscles, working in harmany, and have much thicker and stronger connective tissues - giving a solid, dense look. Bodybuilders will most often isolate muscles, even when compounding in many cases, and train the individual muscles to make them 'pop' and to control the balance of the physique - giving a different, often more aesthetic look.

Bigger and stronger muscles will increase the tone of the fibres - which is a physiological change, not the oft confused female aim of lower bodyfat. It is the muscles keeping a slight state of contraction 24/7, simply due to being used to work, and being prepared 'for action'.
Once you have built your muscles up again they will look 'denser' as you drop bodyfat and water, especially with a high androgen. After a period of de-training the muscles lose tone and feel flabby to the touch - tone will increase the feeling of density in the muscle.

Your cycle is flawed - you NEED to frontload the doses of the drugs you are using - ESPECIALLY the Deca. 5 weeks is not even enough time for 250mg/wk to build up to its peak dose! Only when frontloaded can long esters (enanthate, cypionate, decanoate, laurate, undeclynate, etc.) be used in cycles of as little as 4-5 weeks.

Not only that, but if you dont frontload the Test blend you have, you will have only achieved peak levels of the hormone 4 weeks into the cycle, only giving 4 weeks of peak gains... you MUST frontload to do this cycle in this manner.

Good luck.


Great advice Brook, Thanks !!

Regarding the frontloading:
There is some simplified guidance for front loading a heavy-ester cycle. First, calculate weekly use; administering 250 milligrams of testosterone enanthate every three days is equal to 583 milligrams per week (250/3*7). Then, double the weekly use and administer that amount prior to the first half life from the first injection - around four days for testosterone enanthate

I?m modifying the cycle (this has evolved in these years WOW) to align to this.

Regarding diet, (already hating tuna )

All in with my classic 5/2 carb cycle regimen with all the nec vit support


I think you're a little mixed up on the compounds. I didn't take a look, but I guess our sticky has some issues, since you got your info there.

Ortasan-E (also sold as prostanozol, winztrol) was a winny PH.

Ortasan-A = furagano, a PH to furazabol / miotolan, an old Japanese steroid.

Both PHs are un-methylated, and very mild. I believe there were also significant purity problems associated with the ortasan-e product from Gaspari, but I could be confusing it with something else. Anyway, I don't think that the winny PHs are still available.

Furagano, by contrast, is still available from at least one company (sold as furazadrol). Too mild and expensive to run at needed doses, imo.


So far so good

This is how it looks now

Front Load 1 week
1200 mg test
600 mg deca
Week 2 - week 6
750 mg test ( 250 EOD )
400 mg deca ( 200 E3D )
Week 6 - Week 10
500 Mg test ( 250 EOD )

Week 1-2 , 5-6 , 9-10
12 g albuterol ( ED )

Since stanozolol is not available im adding HGH (cutting purposes)

Week 3 - Week 6
4 UI ED 2ui mornings - 2ui noon (5 days on / 2 days off)

Would this last be an appropriate protocol??


1) 250mg EOD of Test is not 750mg/wk, it is 875mg/wk (mean over 2 weeks).
2) Frontload should be 800mg of Deca the first week, if 400mg/wk is being used.
3) You should keep the Test dose stable throughout the full 10 weeks - either 750, 875 or 500mg - you choose (i'd use 750 personally).
4) You need to start low with Albuterol - to assess the sides you experience.
5) HGH is a fucking shitload more expensive than Winstrol, and the two are not particularly interchangable.
6) HGH is all but a waste if only used for 3 fucking weeks - is this a joke? I hope so..

To summarize - the cycle is... interesting to say the least.
Use roidcalc to calculate your frontload dosages properly - it doesnt have to be perfect, but it should be high enough IMO. The quote you cut and pasted on frontloading is fine - however you simply have not applied it to your cycle - fuck knows why.. if it is because you dont have enough gear buy more with the GH money!

Use a static Test dose throughout and spend the money you would spend on your 60iu of HGH (useless, i promise) on protein or diet friendly foods - it is the diet that will make you lean - drugs wont do it for you. HGH for 3 weeks? Get a grip.

Edit the cycle you made with the points i gave you and re-post it. You are virtually there - but definitely not yet.