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Cycle Review, Test P

Have some questions :
.25 ADEX EOD w1-10 adequate dosage?
Test P 500mg (125g EOD) w1-10
anadrol 50mg/day w6-10
Liver / all in 1 support wk6-10

Pct wait 1-2 weeks
W13 20mg 2x day
W14-16 20mg 1x day
Add clomid for this 4 weeks but at what dosage? Seen a lot about just using MK instead

What are your goals? I dont see the reason for adex unless u are prone to estrogen spikes that may cause gyno.
U can actually run nolva instead of adex
Test p is adequate but why test p? Sooo many pins i would lose my shit…i only do it towards the final stages of comp.prep…next time ill try going without it…test cyp would work a treat 2 times per week.
Anadrol never took it but i know its potent shit…good dosages.
Liver protection is not required for this dosages and most liver supps dont work…maybe try go for Liv 52.
Also plenty of water vitamins such as vit c antioxidants

Pct good wait 2 weeks (if u really must cycle.lol)
nolva good…
Clomid only if u want not necessary i would rather go for HCG

Powerlifting / strength intent. Running he ADEX low just as a precautionary really. And I had planned to kick start with test p and then just use test e but for supply reasons I’ll be stuck on test p for the cycle. Cycle assist was recommend more for the blood pressure effects of anadrol, not so much because the dosage would be crazy on the liver. And is nolva only fine? I’ve used nolva alone when just running a test E cycle, but was told I shouldn’t be running that solely for PCT, MK was highly recommend for cortisol reasons. But easily assessable I have the nolva and clomid options, just have never use clomid and all the information I’ve read on it is all over the place.

Nolva is enough mate no need to use both. Thats a myth.
Havr u got some HCG on hand?
As for test thats ok thats why i was curious why u running the test p but u got to do what u got to do just annoying pinning eod
Blood pressure u can always fix with low dose aspirin .(100mg dose per day)…its actually recomennded to take.low dose aspirin for anyone these days to reduce BP and heart issues without negative side effects.