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Cycle Review? Calorie Intake?


mostly protein and green veggies, low carb low sugar. I'm solid 210lbs. withing the nect extreme cycles
I wannna get to 340-250. please inpiuut. I assoume no less then 300g prtein coming from fish, turkey, chicken, and all the all lean meats, will be consuming Lleuicine along with BAAS.

Plam is test prop
tren 400/week
bol first 4 2eeks, acompanied with Milk Thistle.

AIs an SERMS will consider of Letro, Caber,Bromo, Adex.

would standard Nolva PcT be sufficient, I slso plsn on HCG to keep the boys im check prior to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:CT. Should anything else be included in the PCT given Tren???? maybe Vitamin 6?

much help needed fellas, Im gunna go pro with this shit. Any imput/knowledge is MUCH appreciated


If you clean up your post a bit it will be easier to read, and people will be more likely to respond.

To answer your question regarding the ration of Test to Tren, many people have found that a TRT dose of Test (that is, 100-200mg/week) helps them avoid the notorious Tren sides. For example, 30mg of Test P and 70mg of Tren Ace ED would be a reasonable ratio. However, there are some people on this board who seem to be fine with high test and high tren (Westclock is one).

Concerning ancillaries, Bromocriptine seems to be a harsh drug from what I've read. I'd stick with Caber.


ah fuck I need to learn to read what I write. I spilled a monster drink on this keyboard and the keys actually melted together. sorry.

To rephrase;
I'm a solid 210lb, very little visible body fat. I'd like to push it to 240-250lbs. I am currently on cycle, gram of test/week. In 3rd week and uo to 217lbs and still looking lean.

I'm planning a cycle starting in March 2011, but I'm already getting it together, and have a little confusion with the tren to test doses.

I'd like to go BIG so my plan was gram of test P/week, 400mg Tren E, 50mg Dbol first 4 weeks.
Will stay away from Bromo, thanks for the heads up. Will use Caber and Adex simutaniously. I'll have to figure out the AIs dosages as I go along.

With that said, what are the pros and cons of high test. while on Tren? I can put up with sides that arent extreme if in result I get better gains.

Standard Nolva pct? hcg during cycle? Please input, I've asked these same question in another thread, in doing so hijacking it, I apologize. :slightly_smiling:

Westclock mentioned use of Prami, but the drug makes me nervous. Would Caber be sufficient?


I think if you're using Tren for the first time, use Tren Ace. That way you can experiment with Test/Tren ratios and find out what works for you. Yes, with low test/high tren you're trading fewer sides for better gains, but you may be able to handle high test/high tren fine. The worst sides are the insomnia and high blood pressure IMO. Appetite suppression can be dealt with.

hCG during the cycle and a standard nolva PCT is fine. I have no experience with Prami so I can't say how it compares to Caber, but Caber is fine for prolactin control.


I thought you were drunk, lol :smiley:


I;m not saying shit! haha, but the fact the keyboard is fucked up still stands. Amazing what monster drinks do to plastic. I wonder what my stomach lining looks like.


so you're saying I will get better gains with LESS test? or maybe I misunderstood. I'm gunna go with caber .5mg twice a week and see how that goes. And unforunately Tren E is all I have access too. Ive done a tren cycle once before at 150mg and had prolactin issues, but they subsided with caber and Vit B6.


Sorry, I wrote that the wrong way round. I meant you will get better gains with higher test, but you might also get more sides.


yeah thats what I thought..well only one way to find out right? I'll take precautions, start out with 200mg tren first couple weeks and see if I can up it. As far as sleep....already got that on deck :wink:

I just dont wanna get some crazy shit like start lactating bahahaha...any other sides I should be weary of? sorry google is a click away but as we're already on the subject and up to speed on what Im doing, plz input.


Other ones are reduced cardio capacity, lethargy, aggression. Again, if you run Tren with low Test, you can minimise those sides.


I get all those on high test as well. I'll be running a shorty, 8 weeks + pct.

I'll post a Log in march.

thanks man you've been a lot of help.


Good luck.