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Cycle Recommendations?


I’m 45 weigh 240 lbs at 5 11. 10 percent fat.been training since I was 20. I’ve done half a dozen cycles over the years but the past two years I’ve been pretty much doing two per year 12 weeks on and 12 off after completing PCT. My question is I’ve used sustanon as a base for 12 weeks with dball start 5 weeks usually 600 sus and 30 to 50 on dball. I’m looking to continue to gain some size and drop a bit on fat level as I usually do on cycle but thought maybe a change to my cycle may be in order…I have test enth .Sustanon.dball.winny orals.deca.plenty of ais etcc. I was thinking enthanate at 500 or 600 and deca at 300 to 400 (hopefully to help joints also) start with D’s or Winny. Any suggestions…I’m also looking for a new routing to change things up as I’m very strong but it tends to beat up my body as I’m stronger than my elbows and shoulders will take over time


I don’t think you’re gonna get much advice, because honestly it sounds like you’ve already got it mostly figured out. Your proposed cycle sounds fine. As far as the orals go, you could run the dbol and winny together, or maybe the dbol the first half of the cycle and the winny to finish. Can’t really go wrong either way.


Throw some new compounds into the mix if you have access, maybe run a Rip blend (test,Tren,Mast) honestly for size the good old test deca Dbol is great. But I tried something different a while back and I was amazed I did Test/EQ/Tren/Var and wholly moly. If you want a drier harder look stick with More Androgenic and DHT compounds even something like 750 Test / 300 Tren / winstrol, and ofcourse higher AI dosing will keep you a little drier looking.


Great info …I’ll.let you know the plan…5 more weeks to heal shoulders and finish my off time…


What’s a good dose of var? And can you run it longer than dball


Mine came in 20mg caps so I took 1 pill every 12 hours as it has a short half life. But around 50mgs a day is good. And with any 17-AA Ide say under 6 weeks to be safe. Also, if your off for 5 weeks I’m not sure what your diet is now. But if you start cleaning it up and leaning out a bit itll prep you for your cycle. And yea keep us updated with the plan and good luck



If you’ve never run tren, I would suggest that. Makes you a monster! At least it did me but my wife didn’t like me on it.


Haha…Now u got me thinking


So could I run tren with enth and deca and anavar. How often must u pin tren


I would keep it simple, and Tren comes in Enth and Ace, I preferably run Ace EOD at 75-100mg.


What about oral tren or tren enth(less pinning)


Tren enth is fine, not sure why but I prefer Ace. On Enth after about 6 weeks it really starts taking a toll on you mentally and side wise. I get lethargic, pissy, fuck the world kinda mood. Ace just works better for me personally and when I decide to drop it. It’s out of my system quick. Oral Tren is another story, it’s technically not even the same compound and a whole other animal it’s own perspective. Fun drug but man be careful. Here’s a good layout for you that’s simple and tried and true for me.

Week 1-14 Test E 600-750 EW
Week 1-8 Tren E 200-400 EW
Week 1-4 Dbol 50mg ED
Week 12-16 winny OR Var 50Mg ED
Week 1-16 Aromasin 12.5 EOD or ED

I would use HCG and Clomid for post cycle either running HCG at 500iu E3D all through cycle or blast it a little bit higher the last 4 weeks or so while the long Esters clear your system then 5-6 weeks of Clomid 50mg ED tapering near the end down to 25 ED or EOD.

I’ve been B&C of most recent so I just drop to a replacement dose of test.