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Cycle Recommendations


If I went to my doctor :wink: and could ideally ask for the best cycle for me what would it be? Prefer oral products. I'm 51,5'10" in decent health and about 180lbs. Want to add some lean muscle to my small frame. Being an American Indian,very active and the stress that comes from running business's makes it tough to gain anymore.

Now with age setting in even tougher. I've worked out about 10 years going from 140 to 180lbs with a lil fat added. Want to hit about 190 lean. Been a longtime avid reader of T-Nation but never ventured into this territory of the forum. Any recommendations?



Since you are hindu american and prefer oral products only i suggest you try doing some of anavar only


Actually American (Cherokee) Indian. Thanks for the suggestion. MG's? Duration? PCT needed? If PCT needed ideal?


Are you retarded?


First, I wouldnt recommend a 50 year old to begin CYCLING.

I would strongly consider TRT before you decide to cycle or not.

If youre comfortable with that, then consider doing a higher dose of something. I say this because it's no guarantee that recovery will be a cakewalk for a 50 year old man. This is just speculation of course but you should be awar of it.

If you do decide to cycle and do PCT, a 6 week cycle of test prop is probably the best bet. 700mg/wk range.


This...at 51, your natural Test production is likely a far cry away from what it was when in your 20's...at your age, TRT would probably be an excellent choice...this would also give you the option to "blast" a couple times a year without the need for PCT


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Doc is not a "doctor". :wink:

I really like the idea of no cycle and no PCT.
@ Bonez I take it TRT is testosterone?
Test is not enough?
@ Bonez Recovery from Test or workouts hard?
How many times a year?
Brand? Price matters less than quality.

Forgive my ignorance . I have used T-Nation supplements but ready to expand my arsenal.


Go to the TRT forum and read the stuff around there.

You have plenty to read before asking questions. Any answers, at this point, will just give rise to more questions.

Read the stickied threads here too.


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Now I don't care where ya live. That's funny right there. :-)~


Can you direct me to one that applies to my situation with the cliff notes,condensed or readers digest version at least? Not bitching. To illustrate,I make DVD's and people fly in to train under me in my line of work. I am no one special but I know how to get to the point without being wordy or spewing needless info. This reduces the learning curve substantially and helps the "newbie" become a productive business person.

So I am quick on my feet and also know that questions asked on a forum is a win/win situation for members and forum owners? Why? Simple repetitive questions that are individualised lead to new members finding someone else in similar situation age,health and other extenuating circumstances. When long time members address them it leads to camaraderie that adds to the pool of knowledge.

For forum owners it creates fresh content that Google loves. This moves the forum to the top of Google when searches are made. This in turn leads to more members who help support such a fine board by buying supps and such. Win/win.

That being said all advice and admonition appreciated.



These two stickys would be most relevant to you:



Once you feel somewhat comfortable with that, open up your own case thread in the TRT forum and we'll see what we can do...


As a follow up question: What would be an appropriate "Blast" when he's on TRT?

Let's say, hypothetically, that he's taking 200mg/week Test Cyp injections. What should he blast with?

Good to see the posts from the "old timers" lol!