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Cycle Recommendations Post-Surgery


Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, first post. I am coming to you for some advice on an upcoming cycle. A little history on myself;

Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 147

Gym Experience: I've been working out off and on for 10 years. I'm naturally a little guy with small bones, joints, etc. I've always fluctuated between 140-158 lbs my entire life depending on my diet, exercise and health of the moment. I've never been able to break that 160 barrier and that is my goal as of now.

Steroid Experience: I've done about 3 cycles in the last 10 years. Nothing to extreme. the largest cycle I've done was 40mg/day of d-bol first 4 weeks, Test E at 500mgs/week for 14 weeks, and Deca at 400mg/week for 12 weeks.

Like I previously stated, my goal is too bulk up with as minimal body fat as possible. I know that when bulking some fat comes naturally, and that's okay, just trying to keep it minimal. I'm sure that is mostly dependent on my diet though(which I've done a lot of research on as well)

One thing to note is that I had full ACL reconstruction surgery about 10 months ago that I'm still not 100% recovered from, but I'm able to do squats and all the needed lifts.

Does anybody have any good cycle recommendations for me? I'll take any feedback with open arms even if it isn't about my cycle. Thanks in advance guys!


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i suggest 500mg/wk of test and 75mg/ed of tren ace, and 1 dose of bull semen injected directly in to the carotid artery eod. make sure you're eating enough.... you should gain at least 1lb of bodyweight per week.