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Cycle Questions

I know this is just childsplay for a lot of u guys, but i am new to this so bare with me. Mag-10 looked like a good over the counter prosteroid to try according to a lot of guys, but i hear its good to try longer cycles then the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. If this is true what cycle would u recommend? Should Mag-10 Be stacked with something? I saw an advertisement for Mag-10 stacked with 1-AD. One more thing…do I stick to the recommended dosages, say for the capsules…they recommend 6 capsules one or two times per day. Thanks Guys…twemh

As someone told you in another thread, MAG-10 already is a stack of A1E and 4-AD-EC. You don’t have to use anything with it, but you may went to take Tribex and M after, if you choose to do a longer cycle. The most you’d ever take is 12 caps per day. Read the ‘something bad this way comes’ articles at T-mag for more info. Also, you’d get more responses in the regular forum, not the steroid forum.

Biotest basically has to put on the label 2weeks on 2 weeks off for safety reasons although they know this is not the best way to take it. I’ve used it in the past with mixed results. They say the new capsules are 30% more effective…??? Ok, how?? Anyhow it is a decent supplement if you are looking to avoid illegal substances. I would suggest 8 weeks on straight.

I believe though that it is suppressive, and one would need clomid post cycle. Per Bill Roberts, one injection of 100 MG of test has shown to cease endogenous test production, so it doesn’t take much.