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Cycle Questions w/Twist

Roughly the same old cycle questions I have often seen posted, with a unique twist.

Gearing up for:

Week 1 - 14: 400mg EQ/week
Week 1 - 14: 400mg Test/week
Week 8 - 16: 10mg Nolva/day
Week 16: 40mg Nolva-100mg Clomid/day
Week 17: 30mg Nolva-50mg Clomid/day
Week 18: 20mg Nolva-50mg Clomid/day

I have evaluated my training/goals and believe this is a good starter cycle.

However, will be ‘Incommunicado’ out of the country without adequate or ‘understanding’ medical assistance, or ability to obtain ANYTHING for about 6 months. Basically looking for professional advice/input/suggestions to make this run bullet-proof, ensuring I have everything needed to cover any possible variable.

Have received conflicting reports PCTs can show up in a standard urinalysis test. Any insight on this matter?

Dont mean to bog you down with the same old shit, but couldnt dig this up.

If you’re worried about UA’s then your concern should be the Test and EQ which will be present in your system for months rather than your SERM’s. On the subject of SERM’s I find it curious you’d start 10mg of Nolva in week 8.
Also for your genuine PCT, you don’t need both Nolva and Clomid. Pick one and you’ll be fine; myself I prefer Nolva but Clomid certain has its followers as well.

I am also confused as to why you are using nolva 2/3’s of the way in.

I also second the recommendation to pick either nolva, or clomid.

You might consider toremifene for PCT as well. Several folks around here have tried it, and love it.

Any AAS testing is unlikely. EQ or T don’t show in a standard UA, however nolva/clomid do, indicating use, and raise to many eyebrows.

Starting nolva 8 weeks in is my take on ‘damage control’. I have heard wise men say prevention is easier than treatment. I haven’t found anything saying starting the nolva early will hurt.

Bottom line, whatever I take with me is all I have available for 6 months, and I cant risk any complications, as I wont be able to come here seeking advice from the pros.

Is there a method for PCT (relevant to my cycle) that wont raise questions in standard UA’s?

I need to be sure I have all my shit in the one ‘proverbial sock’, and I’m not overlooking anything.

I realized I just contradicted myself. What I am trying to do is find a effective and viable PCT that can wont surround me in neon lights during UAs. Toremifene can be substituted for both nolva and clomid? As for Tor in UAs, I have found zip.