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Cycle Questions Test/Deca

Hey guys, I will try to make this short but detailed, looking for as much input and recommendations.

30 years old

5’ 10”


I just received my supply for what I understand is considered a mild beginner cycle. I’ve done a Test only cycle several years ago. I have some nerve issues- neuropathy and scapular thoracic syndrome, looking to increase size and recovery with minimal side effects, to see how I react. (Already have kids, fertility is not a concern)

This is the current cycle plan, the individual I train with recommended this for better long term results.

Test E- 250mg/week

Deca - 250mg/week

Administered together once a week.

20 week cycle. I Have armidex 1mg on hand for during (If needed) and sibutros 15mg for post cycle appetite suppression as needed.

PCT- Clomid begin 14 days after last injection:

Weeks 1&2: 50mg a day

Weeks 3&4: 25mg day

Check bloodwork at end of week 4 and continue or end appropriately.

Someone also suggested increasing the dose in the middle and than decreasing towards the end, this would be:

Weeks 1-4: 250mg Test E, 250mg Deca

Weeks 5-10: 500mg Test E, 250mg Deca

Weeks 11-14: 250mg Test E, 250mg Deca

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I’m assuming you were including your PCT in the 20 weeks as you listed 14 weeks of injections. I would run the test higher than the Deca to increase your DHT and combat DHN from the Deca. Deca can lead to ED and tissue de-sensitivity in the penis. Just remember you pay to play sometimes so if you want to roll the dice with the Deca its your call. Great mass builder.

I have considered running only the Test E for this cycle. See how my body reacts.

1st two weeks 250mg/week

Weeks 3-10 250mg TWICE a week

Weeks 11-12 250mg/week

PCT- Clomid begin 14 days after last injection:

Weeks 1&2: 50mg a day

Weeks 3&4: 25mg day

I wish I knew more about exactly why deca messes up some guys. I just read some other posts on this site in the past month then or so talking about it. There something going on with the neurotransmitters or something like that. It’s a big part of why guys get ED and it sticks for years. With your nerve issues are you sure you want to risk this? Taking a drug that has known issues? Especially when given your time frame of the previous cycle you could very easily take just testosterone and have AMAZING results?

Either way don’t do that ramp up and ramp down of the dosage. I know you adjusted that I just wanted to cover it. That is an old school method. There are numerous theory’s why they use to do this, help recovery, makes managing sides easier, ect. My theory is they use to do this because of an old Arnold Schwarzenegger interview. In the interview he talks about how pyramiding is essential for good growth only he was talking about pyramiding the weights and reps but the way they edited the interview it sounded like he was talking about steroids. So yeah don’t pyramid dosage of steroids. Just pick a dosage and stick to it.

I really think you should run just test on this cycle, it will do plenty. Deca is just to much like genetic roulette, some guys just have bad issues with it and given your nerve issues I would do more research before running deca.

Whatever you decide, take your weekly dose and divide it into two equal doses and pin them on Sunday and Wednesday OR Monday and Thursday. It will help keep levels stable and that in turn will help with your results in the end. You technically can just pin once a week but your levels will rollercoaster pretty bad.

Now_i_ care thanks for the response man, I’m going to run just Test E at 500mg/week. That being said, for Enanthate is 10 weeks sufficient in your opinion? Also being that it’s a basic cycle, will the PCT described above be acceptable? I had a full blood panel as a baseline, everything looks good, I plan on doing another 30 days PC.

As stated, I have Arimidex on hand (planning on taking only if needed)

Run the test at 500mg/wk for 12 weeks. If you choose to run the Deca run it at 250mg/wk for the same. That’s a good starter cycle.

I’m going to try a Test E only cycle. I’ll keep the Deca for the next one after I see how my body adjusts.

10 weeks
Pin 250mg on Sunday and Wednesday.

PCT starts 14 days after last pin. 50mg clomid for first two weeks, than 25mg for two weeks.

Blood work done following that.