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Cycle Question

I’m thinking of doing a short 3 week blitz cycle. It would consist of the following:

  1. week 1: 30mg. D-bol, .5mg. Arimidex
  2. week 2: 30mg. D-bol; 40mg. Anavar,
    .5mg. Arimidex ed
  3. week 3: 40mg. Anavar, .5mg. Arimidex,
    100mg. Clomid ed
  4. week 4 (PCT): 100mg. Clomid, 1mg.
    Arimidex ed
  5. weeks 5-6 (PCT): 50mg. Clomid, 1mg.
    Arimidex ed
  6. weeks 7-8: drug free training

Does this look like a good moderate cycle?



This is what I think, are you serious?? What do you think you are going to gain out of this? If you wanted to run this cycle why at less include a fast acting test? DBol alone for 8 weeks wouldn’t even be smart in my opinion. 15 pounds of water for 3 pounds (If that) of muscle. Dont get me wrong I love Dbol.
“Don’t be scared, its just a needle”


thanks for the insight, but I can’t really agree on this one–at least not for me.

I suppose one’s view has a lot to do with goals, priorities, etc. I’ve done the injectable route (years ago). I’m now 43 and no longer seek monsterous size; don’t get me wrong, I’m a big guy, but Mr. Coleman has nothing to fear.

Second, is the fact that at my age I seem to respond better to androgens than when I was younger. No doubt, this is, at least in part, due to lower natural testosterone levels as one ages.

Anyway, the last time I did JUST Anavar (at 40mg. ed) for three weeks I gained about 6lbs. of muscle (all of which I kept), lost body fat and increased my strength/lifts.

Now, this may not sound like a lot of muscle, but keep in mind the very short length of the cycle as well as the short PCT cycle and, thus, the ability to keeps gains better and easier.

You can do several of these cycles back to back and gain quite a bit of quality mass that is easier to maintain. Incidentally, these short blitz cycles were very popular among the bodybuilders of the seventies, whith some very nice results (although they were using more anabolics than I’m planning on).


Cycle looks really good except Why is Anavar not included in the first week? I assume it is just a type - 0

The only changes I would make would be to use letrozole (if at your disposal) instead of anastrazole. 1.125mg per day. It actually increases IGF-1 where arimidex decreases it, and is better on your lipid profile.

Keep in mind you can also change it up and use oral winstrol instead of the dbol, or in addition to the dbol! All 3 of these drugs are minimally suppressive on the htpa, and then you have your class 1 and 2 covered.

To even further compliment your cycle add proviron.


thanks for the feedback–some good ideas in there. Yes, I meant to include Anavar all three weeks.



have you ever tried Diosterol (25 mg D-bol, 25 mg Winstrol per tab)?


no, I’ve never tried that–sounds interesting though, as Winstrol
and D-bol are really the only class II androgens that show any synergism.