Cycle Question

I have a question and would appreciate any help possible specially from BROCK, BILL or any fellow T-Magger. First my stats I am 5’10" and weigh about 180lbs. I am at about 10%bf. I have been traning for about 6 years. My diet is set at about 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30%fat. I have improved much the last year and a half or so because of all the dieting and traning I have learned about from t-mag. Now to my question I have done two or three 2on 4off cycles with primo and dianabol. Each time I have gained about 10-12 lbs. I was only able to keep about 4-6lbs. each time while getting leaner. Now I will be doing another 2on 4off cycle using primo and winny. I will be using 1000mg primo day 1, 300mg on days 4,7,10. I will be using winstrol depo at 100mg. day 1 and 50mg every other day. I had never used clomid, I am wondering if I use clomid this time if it will help me retain more gains? If so at what dosages should I use it? I also have access to proviron and am wondering if I should use it during the cycle? I was also wondering if it would be effective to use androsol and tribex for two weeks after the cycle?

Clomid during the Primobolan/Winstrol cycle
won’t have any effect on gains I don’t think
(I’ve never noticed a difference) but use after
the cycle will help speed recovery.

Winstrol probably remains at significant levels
for a week after injection, so if it’s used
up till the end of week 2, you really have
a 3 week cycle. I would instead load up
on the first day’s dose – half a week’s
worth as a loading dose or a little more –
then stop the injections after ending week
1, switching to using the Winstrol orally
in divided doses (five times per day preferably. By the way, an insulin needle
makes a convenient means of metering out
1/5 of a mL – 20 “IU” – ) for each of
say 5 doses.)

I’ve in the past used Winstrol up to day 10
or 11, not being aware then that it was
that long acting and therefore was going
well into week 3, and recovery was notably
slower as a result when I did that.

Also BTW, some of your weight loss is not
any real loss at all. Some is just from
eating less food and having less food /
digested food in your system, some is
glycogen, some is water. For example,
while remaining “on,” I switched to Fat
Fast and dropped 10 lb in one week, but
doubt that I lost any muscle weight at
all, at least not in terms of contactile
protein: no strength losses. Basically
you can expect to lose weight after a cycle,
or in my current case during a cycle after
a diet change, but this doesn’t necessarily
mean a loss of contractile protein in the

Bill thank you for responding. Are you saying that after the end of week one I should take the winstrol depot orally?? I was also thinking since I am looking to gain lean muscle with this cycle then after my 4 weeks off to do a cycle 2 on 4 off of testoviron 250 and either primo depot or winstrol depot (I have to stick to primo and winstrol because right now that is all that is available to me. Do you think I will need more clomid with this cycle as opposed to the cycle of only Primo and Winstrol?
I’d like to say again thanks Bill, and I appreciate your help.

Yes, if wanting to do a 2 on / 4 off cycle
to take advantage of the exceptionally fast
recovery you get if a cycle is ended at the
two week point, I’d switch to oral Winstrol
(and the Depot version can be used that way)
for week 2.

For your later cycle, if it included testosterone, yes, I’d prefer to use Clomid
as an antigyno agent. It’s true that actually
most users will get away without gyno with
moderate testosterone use and no Clomid,
but, for those who are unlucky and there
are quite a few of them, it’s a $5000 surgery
so the Clomid is very cheap insurance really.

Bill I appreciate all of your feedback. I have one more question I will be starting 2on 4off winn. and primo. tomorrow (12/18). After the four weeks off I will do the 2on 4off using the test. Here is my problem I have not been able to acquire the clomid, so what should I do??? Should I use it anyways and taper the dosages of the test to try and maintain results or take tribex? Please help…
Again Thank You for all of your help…

Bill, Brock or any other t-man. I am currently on a cycle of 2on 4off (winny d, Primo) after my four weeks off I will doing another 2on 4off of testovirion 250 and winstrol depot. My problem is that I have not been able to acquire clomid and was wondering if I should still do the test cycle?? Should I take Tribex?? Any help would be appreciated.

Go to one of the msg.boards and e-mail a mod -
he´ll point you in the right direction (clomid
is cheap and sources are plentiful)

Otherwise go with Tribex.

bateman thank you for your help. I am not too handy with the computer where can I find a msg. board and what does it mean to e-mail a mod?? I really appreciate your help. Thanks