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Cycle Question


Today i registered because I have some specific questions and looking for some EXPERIENCED insight regarding PHs.

For those with little patience I'll put a little TLDR (too long didn't read) section as a secondary post under this one haha

This might end up being a little long with lots of info. IN part to show what I know, and what I think I know as well as show you guys in depth what the situation is as well as for anybody in the future reading this for THEIR own research to have some condensed info.

So my cousin who is moving back into the area approached me about working out together and said he had some new supplement that would "get us jacked". Apparently he ordered them off amazon and got one of those famed double orders you here about where they send it to you twice but charge once. oops. If I trained w.him he'd give me a pack to do it with him.

I finally got the bottles and took them home. Never knew what a PH was but now I do. I'm pretty apprehensive. I have a background of self study in herbs and nutrition for about 15 years and have a pretty good understanding of the body, food, herbs and the effects of synthetic food chemicals etc.

So I did what I do best and spent hours on end researching. I'm still not sure if i'm going to do what would be both our first cycle or not but no matter what I, you (these boards), or anybody else can say my cousin is resolved to do this. So I'm looking to get whatever info i can so that even if its not for me, I can at least try to guide him to do it the RIGHT way.

The product he purchased is Alfa 1 Max (methyl-1-a) by blackstone labs. For on cycle support he got Iron Labs "cycle support" which is an all herbal blend, and for PCT he got iron labs pct extreme which seems herbal based with the only redeeming quality being the DAA. From what i've learned, this is NOT going to cut it IMO.

I understand how strong methyl 1a is, and the harshness on the liver. I'm also aware that up to 20% of m1a can convert to m1t even tho its not supposed to aromatize. Because of that I devised my own plan but I'm not sure if its good enough.

On cycle would still be the iron labs support but i found a better stronger product called Liv.52 which supports liver detox and function in a different way and might even be desirable by itself since theres no milk thistle which will interfere with androgen receptors and and therefore possibly tamper with the potential gains of the PH.

For me the biggest thing is the PCT. Pretty scare shit if not dealt with properly. I get the seriousness of it completely even if i can't seem to drill it through this numbskulls head. you know, "well my buddy was fine", "my twin brother did and got back from deployment and had a kid", who btw was on a different less powerful substance. â?¦Anyway I would say go head and use the pct extreme but something with androsta-3,5-deine-7, 17 dione (an AI) and then a bunch of herbal test booster like horny goat weed, maca (which also helps w.energy) longjack (tong kay ali @200:1).

Being familiar w. herbs they can, depending on the individual have some pretty powerful effects but theres usually a loading phase that can take a week or more depending on the substance. You just can afford that time coming off a PH cold turkey like that. From what i understand you can suffer through and eventually get your libido back but gyno can be a real bitch (and scary at that).

Would it be necessary to use nolva or clomid? Or just a good idea to have on deck? I don't even know where to get it reputably or how much it would cost but he claims he has a doctor friend who will write him scrips on the low when he needs but i don't think you can just walk into a pharmacy w.a scrip for this can you??

If you're still reading this, check my second post below for the summary i did for the lazy readers lol



1st time PH cycle.
PH: Alfa 1 Max (methyl 1 A)
OCS: Iron Labs Cycle Support, Liv.52
PCT: androsta-3,5-deine-7, 17 dione product like Erase/rebound or Eradicate, Iron labs PCT Xtreme, and herbs

Supplements normally taken: Carlsons Cod Liver oil (get the norweigan import instead of US products because they do it the old way instead of chemical extractions that oxidize as well as potentially denature the good stuff in there), vitamin C, lugol's solution and kelp powder (metal detox, thyroid function, immune system booster)

Would this be safe and effective combination for a 3 week possibly 4 week cycle?
Will the PCT combo be sufficient to jumpstart the systems which i imagine will probably be on complete shut down by then?

TIA i know how this forum can be sometimes to please no shitting and flames. I just want a real and educational discussion. I may not personally do this cycle but the guy who will, no matter what, is blood and i'd like to at least see him through it the best i can.


You're not gonna get much help here on PHs. Might have to try a more PH friendly forum.

But don't use any OTC pct. You need real serms for pct. Nolva or clomid.

As well as some PHs require the use of an AI or dopamine antagonist


Thanks for the reply. Maybe i'll get some responses anyway.