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Cycle Question

So I’ve posted before, but as I am slowly getting everything coming in (I’m not a rich man and buy a little each paycheck) I keep questioning myself and wanting to add more. I believe I’ve read on a post from Prisoner that your greatest growth potential is with your first cycle so why half ass it.

Now this is not my first time using AAS, but it will be my first time doing a full cycle and doing it properly. To elaborate, years ago I did run test enanthate frontloading at 1g the first week and continuing 500mg for about 2 or 3 more weeks. I was young had no idea what I was doing, no one else did, I missed an injection due to a trip, came home tired and didn’t want to inject so I just stopped.

A couple years after that I ran dbol and winny for 4 weeks, again no PCT, no one I knew even knew what it was. Sad thing is to this day no one I know ever runs PCT. That being said, I never had any sides and I seem to have recovered ok as far as I know, I can still throw on muscle as easily now as I did in my early 20’s, other than that though I have no idea. I do consider myself lucky.

Anyways, I’m wondering if the following cycle is laid out properly or if anything needs to be changed or taken out completely…

Test E 500mg/wk 1-13
EQ 300mg/wk 1-12
Tren E 200mg/wk 1-10
Dbol 30mg/day 1-4

Liv 52
Adex @ .25mg EOD
HCG Week 2 @ 250iu 3xâ??s week. Stop 4-5 days before PCT

Week 1: Dbol 30mg/Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 2: Dbol 30mg/Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 3: Dbol 30mg/Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 4: Dbol 30mg/Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 5: Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 6: Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 7: Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 8: Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 9: Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 10: Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg/Tren E 200mg
Week 11: Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg
Week 12: Test E 500mg/EQ 300mg
Week 13: Test E 500mg
Week 14: OFF
Week 15: OFF
Week 16: PCT (Two weeks after last pin)
Week 17: PCT
Week 18: PCT
Week 19: PCTâ?¦

Clomid- 50/50/50/50
Nolva- 40/40/20/20

So to try to explain why I did what I did…I’ve read to run tren at about half of what you are running test at. And as far as the eq, I figured 300 would be sufficient with all the other compounds in there. And the dbol of course is a kickstart. Should I increase the adex to .5mg or so?

Hey man quick question before everybody starts chiming in. Are your goals for this cycle powerlifting related or leading into a lift competition?

If so you dont need anymore gear but we may want to rearrange your compounds, dosages and timing a little.

Actually yes. I had planned taking a cycle for awhile, but it just so happens a Strongman comp came up and I signed myself up. Its at the end of April.

so what paticular week is the strongman competition in your cycle?

Depending on when I actually got all my gear in it would be the 6th or 8th week. To be honest with you I’d be more interested in being ready for a power meet that’s coming up the third week of May. Like I said I had the cycle planned and these things just popped up and I was trying to adjust thongs accordingly, but don’t have much knowledge in contest prep.

Ok, so I’m not sure I really feel ready for tren yet. So once again I am changing my mind. I’m not worried at all really about the comp’s I was planning on this cycle in advance of them. I don’t care if I get a boost for them or not I just want to add size/strength in general. So I’m either thinking test/eq or test/deca. I’ll have my test in a week or so and need to figure out what I’m going to add to it. This is what I came up with for test/deca…

Test E 500mg/wk
Deca 300mg/wk
Dbol 30mg ED

1-12 Test E
1-10 Deca
1-4 Dbol

Adex .25mg EOD
Caber .5mg 2x?s week
Liv 52

PCT (Two weeks after last pin)
Clomid 50/50/50/50
Nolva 40/40/20/20

I’m worried about the ol weiner not functioning, does the adex/caber dosages look ok? Adex through PCT?