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Cycle question for Bill

For my first cycle I currently have 1000mgs of sus, 1200mg of enanthate, and 2000mgs of deca. I am going to start with the sus and then move to the enanthate 1 shot every 5 days and use the deca at 400 mgs a week. Since they are all oil based roids I can shoot them in the same syringe right? Also I don’t want any gyno. I’m going to use clomid at the end to kick start my nuts but should I use it during the cycle to prevent gyno or should I use nolv(how much how often). Thanks.

Yes, you can combine them in the same syringe.

I would use Clomid, 300 mg on day 1 (50 mg six separate doses) then 50 mg/day to greatly reduce risk of gyno. If Clomid is used Nolvadex does not need to be used: both work the same way with regard to gyno so there is no point in stacking, just use enough of either one.

Bill how long after my cycle is over should I continue the clomid use 3 weeks (50/100/50)?

I don’t know what you mean by 50/100/50. It sounds like you mean, increasing the dose to 100 mg/day in the second week, but there is no point to this. The reason 100 mg/day is sometimes used medically is because they omit
using a loading dose – if you use 50 mg/day and don’t use a loading dose, it takes 2 weeks or more for levels to come up. However once levels are up, for recovery purposes, 50 mg/day is fine.

Continue until positive that natural testosterone is back and testicle size is restored and then preferably another week or two for good measure. Four weeks is a reasonable time but two or three may suffice.

If you are not taking any androgens, but have good “wood” and libido, your natural testosterone is almost certainly back.