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Cycle Proposition


How is this for a first cycle? I'm asking for a friend :wink:

24 years old,a lean 190 pounds, 5.10.
Best lifts, but at a higher bodyweight: Deadlift 400x6, Squat 315x10, Close Grip Bench 265x7.
Lifting experience, more than 5 years.

The goal is to have an intro of sorts to the dark side to give some leverage during a mass phase.

12 Weeks
W 1-4 Test Enth 250 mg
W 4-12 Test Enth 250 mg,D-Bol 3x10 mg
W 13 Begin PCT

PCT: Clomid, Saw Palmetto, Milk Thistle

Now he obviously needs to know more about PCT and possible solutions to side effects, but any input on the proposed cycle?



You're a bit young. You're also a little light to be startin' up at 5'10". Ask yourself if you can put on 10 lbs naturally in the next six months. If so, do that instead. Now, if you're still wanting to join the dark side, I would say to do the following.

Run it harder for a shorter period of time. Reason: immediate sides should be minimal at this dosage, but it is still effective. I do not think you will see what you want from 250/week. Also, longer term sides seem to be related more to duration of HPTA suppression than dose. I would do the following:

week 1 1000mg TE, weeks 2-6 500mg TE. You could extend this out to 8 weeks, but I wouldn't go farther. Don't mess with multiple drugs first cycle. There's no need.

Also run an AI, and possibly hcg.

If you wanna run all that herbal crap, that's bull's tits, but fine. What's your planned clomid dosage/PCT scheme?


I should have mentioned, MY FRIEND, wink,wink, is not going to start his cycle until he as added at least 10-20 lbs naturally since he's coming off a diet after summer and wants to see how his body responds to higher calories first.

Luckily he's not stupid to join the dark side only to come to the party with a negative or maintenance calorie levels.

Here's what I was thinking considering the PCT:Clomid 150mg on day 1; then 100mg for the next 7 days; followed by 50mg for 14 days.

I like the simplicity of what you laid out, I'll suggest that :wink: I heard good things about using class 1 and 2 steroids together though, any thoughts on that?


Lucky for you Testosterone has class I and class II properties.


Aha! So Putting Dbol on top is unneccessary?

The reason I'm asking these things well ahead of the cycle is that I want to be as educated about it as possible.