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Cycle Proposal

I’m 29 y.o., 6’1", and have been lifting for about 10+ years, originally beginning at a weight of roughly 175lbs.

After dieting down from 250 lbs. to about 215 lbs. this past April, I’ve since put on a few pounds and am currently weighing in at 246.6 lbs (which equals about 4 lbs. gained per month, which I planned for and am content with). My ultimate goal is to get back to around 270 lbs., which is where I was about 3 years ago before relocating to Cali from NY and not lifting or eating properly for a number of months.

With that being said, after years of thinking about it and pushing the idea aside, I’ve been looking into engaging in my first cycle. My main interest isn’t necessarily mass gain, for I gain weight nicely rather easily due to having the modicum of sense to engage in proper nutrition. My main purpose is to increase my strength so I can increase my workload. Dig?

Now, I originally had a beginner cycle planned out to get my feet wet using test e @ 12 weeks (400 mg), possibly using d-bol (20 mg) for the first 4 weeks, and running clomid PCT @ 3 weeks…but my connect ran out of test and one of the remaining items he has is sustanon.

I’ve read that it’s better to begin a first cycle with test c or e, not sustanon. But I’ve also read that it doesn’t matter, and one of my ex-workout partners that I’ve spoken to recently on this matter stated that his first cycle was with sus @ 750 mg/week, and he recommended that I look into it instead.

So from my reading, this is what I’ve come up with after searching content here, Bill Roberts’ site, and various other places:

Week 1-10: sus @ 250 mg/e3d (750 mg a week)----because of the short esters
Week 1: front load 750 mg, then 250 eod
Week 1-10: adex @ .5 mg/ed-----have a strong disdain for gyno

As far as PCT, I’m reading conflicting ideas.

One camp argues that 3 weeks go by before beginning because of the ester half-life, while the other states one just wait the customary week.

So I was thinking about running nolvadex @ 20 mg/ed for 3 weeks after taking one week off.

Any dissenting opinions on this proposal are greatly welcome and appreciated.

I’m impressed by your well spoken post.

Personally, If you gain weight as easily as you say, your definitely gonna put some size on with proper nutrtion this time.

I don’t like Sust. I think it’s a waste. I know your guy is out, but how often does he re-up? If you can wait while your getting your ancillaries, then I would. Otherwise I think your plan is solid. I even think that 500mg would be fine.

On the subject of Gyno… Just because you hate it, doesn’t mean you should lower your test/estro conversion so low that it hampers your gains, wrecks your lipid profile, hurts your joints, and worse stil it lowers your libido. All these are to be considered. I would start my ADex dose at 0.25mg EOD. Then if need be, up it to 0.25mg ED, or even higher. You can feel free to post up here or pm me and we can talk some more about it.

As far as PCT. You can wait a couple of weeks while your high levels of test drop down to a closer to normal/low level. I think that it can be hard to say exactly when you should start based on halflifes, unless you do the math for yourself and your cycle. Your cycle at 750mg/wk will take a little longer to clear than if you only ran 400mg/wk, plus ester half life needs to be figured in and some even say injection site has something to do with it. I think 2 weeks would be fine. Then run at least 4 weeks of Nolva. 40mg for wks1-2, and 20mg/wk for wks 3-4.

Anyhow, I hope I answered some of your questions. You have a good layout, so it is hard to expand much on it.