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Cycle Proposal


I am 22 and I am 6'3 and 195 pounds. My goal is to become more explosive for football and gain 10-20 pounds before next season. I am considering taking EQ for 14 weeks at around 600mgs a week. For the first 6 weeks i will stack that with 20 mgs of tball. Then at week 9 of the EQ I will begin taking test Prop. I will take that for 8 weeks. So after I stop taking EQ I will be taking Test P for 2 more weeks. The last 5 weeks of Test P i will also be taking Anavar. So it looks like this

EQ 600mgs a week for weeks 1-14
Tball 20mgs a day for weeks 1-6
TestP 70mgs eod for weeks 9-16
Arimidex .25mgs eod while taking TestP
HCG every 6 days while on TestP
Anavar 30mgs a day for weeks 13-18

HCG twice a week weeks 18-19
Clomid 100mgs a day weeks 18-21
Nolvadex 40mgs a day for weeks 18-21

What do you guys think about this idea? I already have the gear, just want the greenlight before I start or any warnings you might have... I also might be able to use 2.5 IU's of GH 3 days a week throughout... thoughts on that?


I will make several suggestions.

1) Leave the HCG out of PCT, use only nolv or clomid. Or investigate the test taper (my fav.)

2) Up your dose of tbol. 50mg/day should be good.

3) Run test the entire time. This would be easier if you had cyp or eth but could be done with prop and a lot of injections. Oh, and try to use about 400-500 mg test/week.

4) I know its expensive but up the dose of anavar to 50mg/day as well.

5) I think that your GH dose would be too low. Do a full cycle or don't waste your money.

I know you stated that you already have the gear, but I feel these changes to your cycle would help a lot. Next time plan your cycle before you spend the money on the gear.


Actually, if this is your first cycle you could just run 500mg/week test and get all the results you want and more. No need to be more complicated. But you didn't mention previous AAS use.


You have 5 months to put on 10-20 lbs. At your height you can do this by eating plenty of good food and hitting the squats and deads hard...without AAS. Stay away from long, sustained cardio and do more sprinting and explosive drills. The weight will come, and probably in half that time.

All that said, if you are bent on using, I agree with pain...500 mg a week will be plenty.


I play rugby which is pretty similar to football in terms of physiques but we tend to be a little leaner on average because of the extra running vs short term explosive power.

I found OT was good (added a lot of strength and size) but gave me wicked back pumps at anything over 30mg/d so I would only use it off season.

I have done EQ and was only really impressed with:
1) how hungry it made me
2) how pink/red it made me (I had to cover it up by fake tanning because it was winter and I live in canada)
3) how much it jacked up my BP (I was at 160/80 when I was taking 300mg/w and 190/90 when I was taking 750mg/w). I found results from the increased dose weren't all that great but the sides were pretty bad at anything over 300mg/w.

My recommendation to you would be to do your cycle like this:

W 1-4 Test Prop 400mg/w
W 1-14 Test Cyp or Enth 400mg/w
W 1-12 EQ 300mg/w
W 15 Start Taper with the test Cyp or Enth

I would sell the OT and Var but that's because I don't like orals at all. If you wanna use the Var I would throw it in during the time where your test is clearing (W 15-18) at a dose of 50-60mg/d and then start PCT in week 19.

btw - if you are being tested the EQ is detectable for a very long time (I think around a year).

Good luck.



I heard EQ is only testable for 5 months. I also heard that a dosage under 400 a week might not do anything. When would you use the HCG?


I have also heard that if your 6'3 and a buck ninety five then its time to learn how to eat before you get into this kinda stuff.

That may come across as kinda of a prickish comment, however if you havnet broke 200+ lbs yet then there is definately room for improvement in both your diet and training.

Just a thought.....


Exactly, that's what I was saying...


Yeah that height and weight can only mean WR or maybe DB -- and these are positions that require good genetics much more than anything provided by a good "bulking cycle".


Im a WR and as it is I already have weight on many Corners, but i would like to be over 200. Does anyone have any eating advice?


And I played last year at 205 without using AAS


I can tell you this: as a former college player and a guy who currently works with several elite level football players, this cycle is OVERKILL. Not even considering previous stats, cycle history, etc. NO WR should be on that much gear. ever. period. As thin as you are, you are going to put on the type of weight that changes your speed and ability to move as well as you are going to need to. If you are hell bent on running something, I would say stick with the var and prop, since you already have it. Sell the other shit to an OL!