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Cycle Proposal Using Bonez Guidelines

Firstly, I have been wanting to use steroids since I was a senior in HS. I am 20 now and know plenty of people are going to tell me I should still wait longer, but I feel I am ready and informed enough to really consider it now. I have been lifting since I was 14 but only serious since i was 16. I consider myself to be a very experienced lifter and I take my lifting very seriously. I lift and do cardio everyday.

I have not maxed in a while so I will use my old numbers but I don’t think they have gone up much:
Max Bench: 300 lbs.
Max Squat: 435 lbs.
Max Dead: 500 lbs.

I am 5’10" and weigh 200 lbs. Yes, this means I have got a gut, but I have totally revamped my diet and dropped from 225 to 200 in 3 months.

This brings me to my first drug of choice: Winstrol. Obviously to cut and harden. Don’t worry, I am not going to rely on it to cut. I totally intend on keeping up the cardio and diet.

Next: D-Bol. To bulk and fill out.

I have 5 weeks worth of D-Bol 50 mg tabs at one a day. I also have enough winny for a 5 week cycle at 2 200mg injections a week.

Cycle Proposal:
Week 1-2: 50 mg DBol tabs at one a day
Week 3-5: stack the 50 mg DBol everyday with the 200 mg winny injections twice a week.
Week 6-7: just the winny
Week 7-…: Nolva
(milk thistle throughout to be safe)

First question: If I have to miss a week in the middle when I go to Europe, how should I handle that.

Second question: Is the start with dbol, then stack, then end with winny a good idea? I thought it would be for one - to try out dbol by itself since its my first time, and also to fill out a little first, then cut and harden after.

Third question: I know winny is known for joint problems, but i always thought that was only after years of use. Should i be worried even though its my first time? Should i take something like AnimalFlex to be safe?

Ok i think thats it… any more questions simply ask. I really appreciate any information anyone gives.

BTW, that was alot more typing than I had planned on, but hopefully using this format will provide better responses. Thanks again for any info.

You won’t get much support around here for an all oral cycle like that with no testosterone.

Furthermore you are going to need to inject that winny every day. Winstrol is however one that can be used orally, effectively. I honestly don’t understand the reason anyone would choose to inject it. Maybe someone can shed some light on that.

Since you are not scared of injections you should try to obtain some testosterone.

I say stick with your diet, go to europe (where your diet and training will go to shit) and when you get back plan a proper cycle or run this one if you must with the winny used every day at 50-100mg.

I really hope this is a joke. I don’t want to spend too much time responding to this, as I have a feeling this is likely a troll job.

You seriously need to not do what you have proposed above. You obviously have no idea what you are doing. What are you trying to do, bulk or cut? You have to pick one, you can’t do both. Your dosing schedule doesn’t take into consideration the half lives of the compounds you plan on using…ah, fuck it…

the 50mg dbol tabs have recently been bashed as garbage on some forums ,i was reaqding yesterday about people takeing 4 (yes 200mg per day) and not even getting backpumps or weight gain

[quote]W.H.B. wrote:
“…ah, fuck it…”[/quote]

I really want to help, but i can’t seem to get off the floor laughing!! Heheheh!

Rookie! thats all my brain can make out

Read the steroid forum stickies and report back once you have checked out sample cycles, AIs, SERMs, PCT, etc.

He used the proposal guidelines, he can spell correctly, and he can type better than 95% of T-Nation users.

IIsnezerII, the only thing you’ve missed is doing a little of your own research. Read over the stickies and try again with a cycle outline. You don’t seem like an idiot, I’m sure you’ll get it soon.