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Cycle Proposal - Sust/Eq/Dbol


This is my third cycle, and i've been training intelligently for 4 years. I'm 22 and am currently at 235 6'5. My lifts are dealift 525, squat 550, and bench 335. I tried the IBB program natural and gained 10 pounds so i am looking to do the same program with more volume added.

WK 1 - 8 Sust .75cc EOD @ 720/wk
WK 1 - 8 EQ .75cc EOD @ 700/ wk
Wk 3 Dbol 20 mg
Wk 4 Dbol 30mg
WK 5 - 10 Dbol 40mg
Wk 1 - 8 Proviron 25mg/ day
Wk 1 - 8 A dex ??/day

Wk 11 - 14
letro 4x a week and nolva at 40mg/day
Wk 14 - 18
nolva 20mg/day

I chose to use the sust because i haven't tried it yet.
I might switch the dose of Eq to E3d to lower the dose but i've done it at 600mgs/ wk with great results. The Dbol I use before my workouts, i find it allows me to workout alot harder and increases intensity. Yes i realize i'm injecting EOD but i'm hoping to keep my blood levels as stable as possible as i have no problem with inj.

I'm wondering how much armidex i should take or just proviron is ok??
Also isthe 700mg of Eq is too much for this cycle??
For this dose of sust how long should i wait for PCT?? its got very long esters so i'm gonna wait 3 weeks is this too long??


I forgot a few things I have no visible BF so its probably around 10% and my goal is to get up to 265 and hopefully after PCT be around 255 - 260 so i'm gonna start with 4000 cals per day with about 400g protein and increase if necessary.