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Cycle Proposal (6 Weeks), Back to Basics Test+Dbol


6 week cycle (yes i know i should be using fast acting esters)

week 1 - front load 800 mg test e
weeks 2-6 - 600 mg test e (pin 2x a week)
weeks 4-8 - ??mg dbol/day
weeks 1-8 0.25 mg adex EOD
weeks 10-14 40/40/20/20 nolva
weeks 10-13 150/100/50 clomid


  1. is front loading 800 mg too little? should it be upped to a gram? (never front loaded before)
  2. sources dbol comes in 25 mg tabs. dbol should be taken every 8 hours correct? was planning on 50mg/day but splitting the tabs like that would be a pain, should i just go up to 75?

basically i would like to cap off a bulk. wanted to run this cycle sooner but life got in the way. the reason i want to only go for such a short amount of time is i want to recover properly before i go on again in the late spring

any advice appreciated

should add.. this is my third cycle. 25 years old, lifting for 12 years now. any other info needed feel free to ask


title says prop but you say enth.... dont run enth for 6 weeks.... you should just throw a few hundred bucks down a sewer instead if your going to do that... why are you running dbol after you stop test...

ive done 1 cycle and this proposal is retarded. enth takes 4 weeks to get the full effect. and ive done alot of research and 75 mg of dbol is a shit ton when 40-50 grams will put people on there ass.


hence the front load and plenty of people run dbol on the back end.


yea back end would be week 3,4,5,6 your running it 2 weeks past test. im pretty sure people would say PROP for 6 weeks would be stupid let alone enth. Ive mostly ready atleast 8 wks for prop. and for dbol i would split them in half and take 3/day thats what im doing for my next cycle which is 37.5 mg/day


thanks for the input, maybe ill just push the cycle to 8 weeks.


Actually, running dbol at the end into pct is fairly common practice. It clears your system very fast, so it doesn't require the clearance time of injectables.


Your PCT should start week 8 tbh. Thats 2 weeks after your last enanthate jab.
Front load is usually double so it should be 1200mg in the first week.
Also I think the PCT is slight over-kill.


right that was a typpo. pct def would start 2 weeks after last enth jab

strongly considering trying prop now.


Probably better off not wasting bandwidth by making posts with more errors than facts then.



Explain how a frontloaded 6 weeker of Test E is a waste? .....the answer is, it's actually just fine, and no it doesn't take 4 weeks to get "full effect", especially with a frontload.....do you even know why people frontload? As has been mentioned, it is actually quite common to run an oral or short estered injectable at the tail end of your cycle while the longer esters clear. Also, how would 40-50 mg of Dbol put people "on their ass"? Sure it's a solid dose, but not insanely high.

The whole forum waits with baited breath for your next spewing of verbal diarrhea, full of knowledge gained from 1 whole massive experience building cycle, and obviously not much research done.

OP, it's an acceptable plan. Maybe tinker with the frontload a little and do the traditional double dose first week. You could also likely benefit from shooting E3D, or even EOD. Dbol would be fine at 50 mg ED, it's basically in the high end of the dose range but totally fine. Clomid and nolva together ...no problems with that, but maybe just run 50 mg ED clomid throughout and keep your nolva the same.