Cycle Proposal: 2 On, 2 Off

Heres the rundown. I am 32 yo 195lb 6ft around 10-12% bf. I have been training for over a decade now(when I started I weighed in at a whopping 138lb). I primarily do defrancos wsfsb program with prowler pushes on both leg days I run on my off days before breakfast for some light cardio about 1-2 miles. As far as a diet goes I use shelbys carb cycling with 2 high 2 med and all rest days as lows. I would switch to 4 highs upon the cycle. I also have a job where it is demanding sometimes.

My cycle proposal is the 2on 2off with 50mg dbol/50 winny ED taken throughout the day. With no pct. This will be my first time to cycle. I would normally use the beginners outlined by george but my job prohibits me from any tremendous gains in a short time as people would notice. So I am going with the slow and gradual approach. Thanks for any input.

If you HAVE to do oral only because a needle is JUST too scary or some other no-better reason, then exchanging the 50 mg/day of Winstrol for the same amount of oxandrolone would be a big improvement.

Depending on your sensitivity to developing gyno, the Dianabol could cause you a problem if no SERM or AI is used.

Alternately, if that is a concern and there won’t be a SERM or AI, and/or if you would like to reduce the degree of changes in facial appearance when “on” vs “off,” then for example 50 mg/day oxandrolone, 50 mg/day Winstrol, and 5 mg 2x/day Dianabol (so as not to go abnormally low in estrogen) could be more suitable.

If anyone notices relatively small changes in the face and comments, attribute it to “carb-loading.”

Thanks for the input Bill. Not scared of needles but dont feel like scheduling the injections around work schedule. So you are saying 50mg Dbol/ 50mg oxadrolone with a serm like nolva in the off weeks would do me good. I take it the dose for nolva would be on the low end, 20mg ED or EOD. LOL “carb loading” would be a good one, that term is already a inside joke at the work place.

Can’t you use 1-2 short estered injectables for the 2/2 cycle? There is zero need to ‘schedule around work’ trust me. I have worked some of the most unsociable and erratic hours and it isn’t a problem.
If it helps you should realise that the doses do not need to be at the same time each day.

On rising of before bed is fine - even if this is night shift followed by day, etc…