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Cycle Prop Following Forum Guidlines

Hey, My name is Chris and I am coming up for my 20th birthday in a few months. I am looking to do a cycle to compliment bodybuilding split and power lifting which I am just about to start doing.

I don’t care about being ripped or having chiseled abdominal muscles I just want to get very large and put on a lot of strength. I have no intention or hopes being a pro bodybuilder or doing power lifting competitively I just love lifting and want to see how big I can get and allow myself to train harder and recover faster.

I am five foot 10 and weigh around 75-78 KG depending on what time during the day I weigh myself. I have not trained at all in a few months due to a motorcycle accident and in the years I have been training have seen about 10 to 13 pounds in LBM gained and a few stone of body fat dropped.

For my first cycle I was thinking of following the Sustanon/Deca/Pronabol/Nolvadex Mass building ten week cycle laid out by mick heart.

I have been reading as much stuff as I can find on the subject and have recently acquired Layman’s guide to steroids which seems like a great book but I wanted to check with you guys here to make sure it is a trustworthy guide to a first cycle.

The cycle is laid out in the picture

He also recomends taking Nolvadex or Tamoxifen, lowering salt intake on a cycle, supplementing with amino acids, which I thought was wierd and use of liver de-toxifiers like LIV52.

There does not seem to be any advice on when to take these though so any help with this would be helpful.

He also recomends taking Clenbuterol or DRIVE, as far as I can tell he implies taking it post cycle, I always thought clen was taken in conjunction with a steroid during cycle?

Any advice welcome.

So your 172 pounds at 5’10? Have not trained in months and want to get on gear? Alot of new guys want to get on way too early lately on these boards, atleast you did not use “genetic limit” in your post. My advice which you are going to hate is wait a few years. Read more of the forums and read more in general.

I probably won’t jump straight on but I want to have a planned out cycle ready for whenever I decide to take my first lot. I want to have the right information before hand so when I do decide the time is right I can focus on training and not be worrying about what to take and when to take things.

I have read that there is no point taking steroids before you are 24 as your natural T levels are high, however I am pretty sure I have low testosterone levels, I have eaten clean all the time for two years, been consistent in training and not made any real gains. I suffered a large amount of head trauma as a kid and have been told that this could lead to low testosterone levels. Might see what TRT is available on the NHS.

Thanks for the frank reply John, great to be able to get honest answers from somewhere on these subjects. Not many places you can discuss this stuff.

Like you said, can not hurt to find out your testosterone levels(should do before a cycle anyways so you know where you should be after it). But keep researching like you are and in the end, it is your choice. Alot of people have used when young and were smart with it but alot more were less educated. Best of luck if you do or do not do a cycle. And i am sure someone else will comment on your cycle, i truthfully do not know enough to help.

that’s quite meaty for a first cycle. You’re probably better just doing the standard half gram of test for 12 weeks.

Ya that’s quite a First cycle