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Cycle Progression


Hi guys

I am currently running a basic cycle, if you could call it that

Test cyp - 500mg/750mg per week (12 weeks)
Dbol - 40mg 4 week frontload
HCG - 500 iu per week
Proviron - 50mg week 8 - 16
Bridge Test Prop - 400 mg Week 13 - 15
Bridge Winstrol - 30mg Week 14 - 16
PCT - Clomid/Nolva from week 17 for 4 weeks

Now there might be different opinions this being 'basic' or 'effective' for a first timer, I understand that, but this is what I have chosen to run and have been enjoying it.

My question is progression from one cycle to another, systematically over years building and keeping as much muscle as possible with correct training and nutrition included. It has been on my mind since being halfway through this first cycle as I start to hear different opinions and ideas on how to progress. The safest bet I will take is running a blood test about 6 weeks after my PCT but that is why my issue lies... in PCT.

Over and over again its reiterated the importance of cycle therapy, time off to heal before going back in for a cycle. The process of being shutdown and then jumpstarting the healing process before closing off natural testosterone over years and years ect...

What my collegues at work (Trainers at a private gym) told me was that they spoke to a few guys recently from the States about staying on low dosages continuously and evaluating per 8 weeks. The suggested use was not in a standard cycle with multiple compounds and then coming off with a PCT and then repeating. But to stay on, for instance (what was suggested to me),

Test Cyp 400mg per week
Dbol 25mg (3 weeks on, 1 week off)
Arimidex close to 1 - 2g per week
After 8 weeks, take blood tests and evaluate. From there if there are no warning signs, continue. If one needs to slow down, drop the orals till stats improve, or use Nolva, then continue again.

Could we discuss this approach?
Would this type of slow growth lead to TRT permanently as one is actually never coming off?