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Cycle Problem?

I’m trying out EQ for the first time and I’m not sure its doing anything. Here is what I’m taking:

Wk 1-16 400mg/Wk Stealth EQ
Wk 1-4 40mg BD Oral T. ED
Wk 1-16 25mg Proviron

My diet has been perfect. I have been training westside style for a powerlifting meet. I’m in week 3 now and really I don’t notice much. Not only that but my energy level is for shit right now for some reason. I heard EQ takes some time to build up but I figured by week 3 I’d be getting something. Anybody have this problem? Could the Stealth EQ be fake?

I read all the time that EQ does not kick at least until week 6, thats why alot of users recommend a 12 week minimum on that stuff.

Thanks man, I’ve read 4 weeks but I guess everyone is different. Has anyone tried EQ? Especially the Stealth stuff?