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Cycle Problem

i am having problems coming up with an effective stack. i am running equipoise, winstrol and primobolan. i will also be using dbol. im not sure how this will workout. i will have about 4 weeks worth of equipoise left over. im not sure if i should use it after the 10th week. all the ideas would be great.


Week 1-6 dbol 10mg a day
Week 1-6 equipoise 200mg/week
Week 7 50mg winstrol, 100mg primobolan
Week 8 100mg winstrol 100 mg primobolan
Week 9 150mg winstrol 200mg primobolan
Week 10 150mg winstrol 200mg primobolan

??? Uhm that’s not terribly long to be on dbol and your dosing isn’t too high. I will say that 6 weeks would be the longer side of how long I’d run that particular oral, but like most of the vets around here will point out the liver toxcicity issues are pretty overblown. BUUTT it looks like you’re planning on being on a 17aa the entire cycle, which isnt the greatest of ideas imo. Yes the injectable winny would probably be slightly less stressful on the liver vs taking it orally, unless you drink it. Still it looks like 12 weeks of 17aa, which isnt’ the greatest on your liver.

Now for the EQ. I personally think that for me if I frontload a large dose say 1000-1200 mg in week one then and cut to 600-800 mg by week 2 then you should start noticing the effects ie. hunger, vascularity, increased rbc count, and the joint lubing. However, running 200 mg a week for 6 weeks wouldn’t do much at all except for maybe help out with your joint problems that you’ll possibly end up with (I don’t like winny). SO you might wanna revamp things there and use up the extra 4 weeks depending on what you want from it.

As for the winny doses is that 100 mg ed and then 150 mgs ed? I don’t see ed written there soo I’m guessing that’s per week?? Well looking at it from one way lets say it’s ed. That’s 700 mgs of winny a week which is ALOT of winny IMO, 100 mg eod would be alright, or 150 mf MWF, or 75-50 mgs ed. 100 mgs or even 150 mgs a week is pretty damn low and unless you where a female I wouldn’t expect much from it. BTW, I’m not breaking your balls just trying to help.

Finally on to the primo. Once again same deal as the winny. Is that an ed dose or eod dose or every week dose. Your total dose on primo should be around 300-600 mgs a week. Less would be alright for say a bridge or a taper. BTW, I’ve used primo for taper off cycle in the past and it worked very nicely for holding my gains after a pretty long cycle.

You don’t have any test in there which isn’t the end of the world but most seem to like it as a base to their cyles. Still it’s not imperative. You probably should have some nolvadex on hand with the dbol (just in case) although at that dose it’s probaly not going to be an issue, still better safe then sorry. Plus I like to use it in pct so that’s something to consider.

thanks man. i just cant think right now. maybe ill try to evaluate my cycle when im ready. ive been on ephedrine and that shit is destroying my thinking process. im suprised i was able to sit down and type all that in the first place.

?? While I “kinda” know what you’re saying (we all have our off days ect). That doesn’t sound very good pankie. How long have you been on, what doses and when do you plan on going off. It’s not the worst thing in the world you could use but barely being able compose a post is, like I said, not good. Hope you get that under wraps, believe it or not I’ve had a few friends who’ve developed a massive dependency on ephedrine, and other stims. It’s all borrowed energy though my man, you’ll have to pay up eventually.

WideGuy, don’t help this kid.

He’s 18. He has ben told by every responsible adult on this board not to take anything, but he refuses the advice of people wiser than him.

So, fuck him. Let him ruin his T-levels forever and play with his floppy bitch tits.

Sheesh, 18? What are you doing guy? If you wanna talk about pct then start a thread on that, otherwise you’re really not going to get any help here. Have you already run a cycle? BTW, I don’t wanna sound corny but I’m kinda pissed that you would fail to mention that. Yeah I could have checked your profile and maybe you mentioned it there, or if I read evey one of your posts it might have come up. Still, I and anyone else who could/would have answered that was trying to help you and leaving out something that big is very decieptful and just a jerk-off thing to do. Good luck trying to save face, although it’s not too late.

just brutal.

that “cycle” you have proposed is absolute shit on so many levels…

  • low dosages, the d-bol is too low for decent gains, but high enough to possibly suppress you…the eq is too low aswell, should probably be double what you propose
  • durations are either too long (d-bol) or too short (eq)
  • chosen AAS baffles me; especially if you are a newb
  • fluctuating doses make no sense at the end
  • there is no pct plan
  • etc etc etc

stop using the ephedrine…period.

back to the drawing board.

Juice,if he’s really 18 and isn’t so stupid that he’s already begun then I’d say not helping him out and continuiously saying you’re wasting your time would be the best bet. BTW, some guys can get away with that low a dose of dbol and make decent gains (but that wouldn’t be the norm like you said). Eitherway it’s irrelevant.

My advice to young buck is PM me and I’ll try and straighten you out. However, if you’re THAT set on running a cycle OR have already started and arent’ going to stop I’d rather try and keep you from really hurting yourself/having some major problems to deal with later on. BTW, if you use at that age you certainly will have problems/more problems then an adult would still have from using AAS. It’s a bad idea.

And stop using the ephedrine please.

Pankie, seriously man, if you are having problems posting and you designed that cycle you laid out you need to stop and think… Have you started a cycle yet? I don’t have first hand experience with this, but I have heard that coupling a stimulant like ephedrine with a high protein diet as well as anabolic-androgenic steroids you can really damage your kidneys from all the stress and confusion placed on it. Seriously, quit all the shit you are doing or plan to do when it comes to these drugs. Start eating more, hit a bong a couple nights a week and wait till you are older to juice!!!

C’mon man, I’ve thought about cycles before and I’m younger than would be advisable.

What’s the point? Are you juicing so you make it into college football? Just so you can be bigger than the “big” guy at your gym who benches a whole 2 plates on each side?

You’re playing your trump card this early in the game, man?

But shit, if you’re going to do it, do it right bro, do more research so when you’re playing with already volitile hormones you’re doing as much as possible to control the situation and create somewhat predictible results.