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Cycle Planned. Vet Help Please.

Hi everyone. New here. Yes I do believe I have read all of the ‘read first’ topics first. If I ask a dumb ass question just tell me and I’ll do more research. You can call me Gorilla. I will be 25 in July. I worked out off and on from 16-20 ( mostly on, off for maybe a total of 1 1/2 yrs those 4 years ). I have worked out consistently from 20 until now. I have taken, creatine, nos supps, natural hgh releases, vitamin packs ect…ect… These past 4 years. I have never played sports, I have just been a gym rat and get a huge rush from lifting weights. I am pretty sure I’ve hit my genetic limitations seeing as how I have not gotten any bigger the last year and I am by far the largest member of my family. I have been wanting to do AAS since I was eighteen but decided I would reach my genetic limit first. My reasoning for wanting to take AAS is simple to be a beast? Next I will give some info on stats -

Age- 24 (25 in about four months)
Body fat- 17%
Height 5’'11

Weights (these are one rep maximums)
Overhead barbell press- 280
Single arm bi curl- 70

Let me next start by saying I will not begin my cycle four another 6 or so months but I want to be 100% positive and hopefully with the help of people on this forum that I am going about it correctly. I have a trustworthy connection I have known for 3 years. I have currently acquired 2 of the 4 things I believe I need for my first cycle and again will not begin until I have everything( craps pricey…). I also will not begin until I reach 12% body fat which is perfectly attainable the coming months.

Now I have researched AAS for a while and the only bit that seems to confuse me due to what people say is the amounts of test to take and the half life’s.

I plan on running test-e as only base for 12 weeks. I also have HCG and I’m getting nolvadex and clomid.
12 weeks on test-e 250mg twice a week( this is where half life’s come into play. Test e twice a week for 12 weeks straight? Is this consistent with the half life or do I need to spread out the injects more at different times?)

I plan on taking 1unit of HCG everyday from weeks 4-7 along with nolvadex at 20mgs to help my blood fat levels and my testies and to speed my PCT.
I will run the HCG and nolvadex again weeks 10-12.

I will run clomid at week 14 at 100mgs for 2 weeks then reduce to 50mgs for week 16 and then down to 25mgs for the last week.

I work with food so calories are not issue and I can eat clean. I currently eat about 3500 calories a day and I eat 6 times a day. And I will up my calorie intake to 5000 a day when I start.

I believe this is all so any input from vets here would be greatly appreciated. If I missed something or need to be more specific let me know.


inject the test on mondays and thursdays, that’s fine

your hCG is whack. 250iu 2-3 times a week is standard. Stop it a couple of days before pct

you need an AI

First off, great post, this is how these should be written, IDK if half of it is true but the fact that you been wanting to roid for 7 years and haven’t yet shows a lot of character, respect.

Like RDS said (he tends to be right, btw) you really need an AI especially not having cycled before you have no idea how you’ll respond to the aromatization, don’t forget about it. The AI I’ve used the most is Arimidex (Anastrazole), works great in doses between .25-.5mg EOD. You will need to figure out what your dosage is as everyone is different. If your dose is too high your libido will be all fucked up and your joints will feel like shit. I feel this on my knees and hips so keep an eye out for that. Some people even like running their AI a few days before starting a cycle to let the aromatase build up, I personally start on day 1 and don’t worry too much about it. Keep taking your AI during the bridge between cycle and PCT as the test E will still be active for about 2 weeks.

Also like RDS said hCG is generally done with 250iu 2-3x per week.

Now as far as Test-E dosages… This being your first cycle you may not want to do this but look into frontloading it. It’s actually what I just did last week, frontloaded 1500mg then gonna cruise on 750 for the rest of my cycle. The 500mg you suggested will get you great results and it’s a perfectly fine 1st cycle.

BlazedGorilla just provided the template for people asking for 1st cycle suggestions.


Thanks for the quick replies. This is great. Okay, so let me reiterate. Instead of the HCG broken down into certain weeks I should just choose about 3 days a week and take it all 12 weeks? That many injections seems costly… Also, from the research I have done I should run the nolvadex with the HCG because they supposedly work well together. Do I take the nolvadex only on days I take the HCG or should I just take a consistent 20mgs everyday?

As far as the AI, from what I have read it seemed like people with more body fat were more susceptible to needing one. I guess this notion was incorrect. I don’t believe I can get the one listed, however I do believe I can get aromasin. Is this sufficient? Also is this something I take everyday from the beginning as stated? I don’t think I want to front load anything seeing as how this will be my first time. Does 25mgs sound like a good dosage for aromasin? Once again to reiterate, doses for AI are not definite but rather take tweaking on my part based on how I feel correct? How will I know? From my libido?

Other than this I am assuming from the responses that everything seems to be in order?

Ibraga- yes I have waited a while. One reason Is I have never been mentally ready for injections until as of late. The second reason was because of all my research I have done and partial knowledge of the concept of going about a cycle correctly and going through PCT I have had quite a few friends since high school and even today take AAS and completely suck balls, lose gains and have Gyno problems. Hopefully this will not be me!

Thanks for the help,