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Cycle Plan


Hello i would like to know what do you think of this cycle

1-10 test 500mg
1-9 deca or npp400mg(i wonder if it is ok to inject npp only twice a week)
1-12 adex 0.5mg ed
1-12 proviron 50mg ed(will it help or it is needless)
hcg 3-12 500ui twice a week
13-16 nolva and clomid therapy

I want to gain as much as i can and as clean as i can, so i wonder if to eat about 4000+ or 5000+calories in any case at least 400gr of protein daily(i guess i will accustom the diet in progress).
90kilos at 6feet, low bf, age: i know i am too young :smiley:


Are you using the proviron in hopes of it controlling estrogen? If so then it won't do shit. However I believe proviron actually makes test more effective. Something about it freeing up more total test or something...I'm sure someone else can elaborate for you.

Also, the deca is kinda short...why not deca 12 weeks and test 14? Just a thought, all though your gains may have tapered off by 9 weeks anyway.

Is this your first cycle? If so, your be better off just running test and adex. That way you know how you respond to each drug individuallly, as opposed to taking 2 steroids for the first time, together. Make sense?

Just my two cents. I'm sure others will chime in.


Yeah i dont want much from proviron as it comes to e2, but i hope it make the cycle better, also as a dht steroid i hope it can help me stay a lil bit leaner than without it. It is just damn cheap and i dont see how it can harm me so why not add it :smiley:

Also what about prolactin and deca, should i take bromocriptine everyday? Heard prami is good stuff and also releases gh, but i am not sure if i can get it without perscription and its god damn expensive.


proviron won't be of much help whatsoever..

if you pin deca EOD, 9 weeks will be fine, you can pin npp 2x a week but more frequent pinning is optimal for every steroid.

I believe bromo is 2.5mg ED