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Cycle Plan Review

i’ve been asking around for the first cycle that i want to do which is:
deca sustanon
mg mg
1 200 250
2 300 250
3 300 250
4 400 500
5 400 500
6 300 500
7 300 500
8 200 500

proviron clomid
mg/day mg/day
4 50 10 50
5 50 11 50
6 50 12 50
7 50

this is really the only cycle i want to do. also how long do i wait to take clomid and proviron i’ve heard 3 weeks.
thanks for the help…

Is there a reason why you are tappering your doses. You should right into the cycle with full doses and go off the same way.
I hope you got good juice because the dosage is not very high.

As soon as you put something in your ass, your natural test is going down and at the end, it is the same, your are not starting to recover when you reduce the dosage. As for clomid, I would take it 3 weeks after your last injection because of the long half life of your products.

I heard a lot of people saying this was there only cycle for life…you’ll be the first to succeed if you do it.

That was my opinion


I would agree with what has been said. Dont taper your doses at the begining. You are using drugs with a very long halflife and you may even want to reconsider your choices. Recovery cant begin successfully for at least 3-4 weeks after your last injection.

I would also tell you that i’ve never heard of anybody doing one cycle and never picking up another needle. This is not a decision you should be making lightly and i hope you have examined all the angles of your decision…


Get back to the drawing board bro, because obviously you haven’t done your reading. proviron btw, isn’t going to help your recovery…

Do you think I can make some changes to the cycle? or should I just throw it away and come up with a new cycle…

Front load 500mgs each at the minimum and figure out the half lives. Throw in a class 2 as well. Beginning PCT will be determined by what’s left in your system after your last injection, by figuring out the half lives of course. Maybe you can start pct in 4 weeks, maybe 6, it just depends on your cycle.

Run Sus at 500mg/wk and deca at 400/wk for the first 6 weeks. Then cut out the deca and just finish with the sus for the last two weeks. Get some HCG for during the cycle and possibly some novla also for during the cycle depending on how gyno sensitive you are. Its better to be safe than sorry as far as gyno goes. Clomid post cycle. However, take p-22’s advice and do a ton more research.