Cycle/PCT Questions

I am 38 yo 190 11% bf
My first cycle was test E 500mg/wee/12 weeks + OT 60mg/day last 8 weeks

In April I start my 2nd cycle while dieting

week 1-12 = test prop 100 EOD
mast prop 75 EOD
week 1-10 = HCG 500iu week (250/2Xweek)
week 1-04 = Turinabol 70 mg/day

3 days after last shot I start PCT

Clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolva 40/20/20/20

  1. should I do the HCG from week 3 to 12?
  2. I have arimidex in hand (last cycle I had no sides at all) should I keep just in case?
  3. Any suggestions (be nice)?

1 - HCG should be ran through cycle to help recover. I suggest starting with week 1 when using prop. Is 1-12 out of the question?

2 - AIs should always be kept on hand. ESPECIALLY if youre bringing in new compounds. different compounds will effect you differently. Shame on you for asking!!!

3 - I’ve seen a lot of people using Nolva + Clomid for PCT lately. Is this what you used on your previous cycle?