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Cycle & PCT Help...Please!!!

thanks in advance for reading my post -
been a long time reader of T-Nation but first time writing in…

i’ll be starting a 7 or 8 week Deca (100mg/ml) and Winstrol (100 tabs/10mg each) cycle soon, i was wondering if someone might be able to guide me as to the best possible way of doing this.
I’ll be starting with 200mg/ml of deca (week 1) taking it up to 400mg and then bringing it back down to 100mg by week 7 or 8.

As for the Winstrol tabs, I was thinking of kicking in about 30mg - 40mg a day for about 4 weeks, and continuing for another 2 weeks after my last Deca shot…unless someone could recommend something better (i’m not really expecting to gain a ridiculous amount of size, just needed a boost and want to lean down)

Also, i was wondering what would be the best Post Cycle recovery method for this kind of cycle? I don’t think I need an anti-estrogen during the cycle because of the combination of drugs…and I don’t really want to use Clomid, but i’m not sure if HCG is absolutely necessary. If HCG is advised, then how much and for how long??? How about 6 oxo and tribulis type products - are they strong enough?

In the past, I was pretty stupid about the whole thing…i did what my buddies were doing and put my body through God knows what - did a few hard cycles in my twenties not really knowing what i was doing, put on a lot of size but usually lost my gains because of NO post cycle recovery plan - my testosterone levels would eventually go back up on their own - testicles never really got back the size they used to be though - I can’t believe how stupid i was! In any case, i’ve learned a lot more since then but the more you learn the more you realize how little you know.

Any guidance you can provide would be most highly appreciated -

Take care and God bless.

In all honesty this cycle will…keep your natural Test shut down for over a month after your last injection, most likely not start doing you hardly any good till after you have been shooting over 400 mg weekly, and completely kill your libido.

If you really only want to use deca and winstrol as far as gear goes that is fine but, in that case you should look towards a more aggressive dosing protocol for the deca. I would also go with weekend injections of HCG starting after week 3 till you start PCT. You would do well to start off PCT with 100 mg Nolva daily for your first week or 2 and then taper down to 40 mg daily till you feel recovered.

Keep in mind that deca has a half life or around 16 days that means it takes longer to build up in your system and takes even longer to dissipate to the point where you can began PCT. Look up some info on front loading and look on this board for a cycle that was recently put together by Prisoner22 for another guy wanting to use the same 2 drugs as your self. Then repost with the info you have found and then some can critique a more researched cycle.

Thank you so much for your help DA -
can’t tell you how much i appreciate it