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Cycle or Not...


First off, I want to put a few things out there.

Gym history - 6 years 3-4 days a week(a few months here and there off due to chronic pinched nerves in my back)

Diet - Could be a little better but better than most guys I've trained with(TONS of boneless skinless chicken breasts, fruits, veggies)...working on cleaning it up even more

Lifts(I don't max) - BENCH 225x10 SQUAT 300x50(without reracking) DEAD 300x50(enough of a pause to regrip and set for the pull)

Turning 27 this year, played football growing up(defensive tackle...I'm a pretty big guy). I know plenty about gear from researching the last year and a half and talking to some of my boys who have cycled for up to 9 years. Now, I know I'm not a beast by any means nor do I want to come off like that. There is always someone stronger, faster, more built.

Anyway, with that out of the way I had a few questions. When I finally do get around to doing a cycle, I'd like to know a little bit more about PCT(I've read up on it but it seems that 9/10 people would give slightly different advice).

I was wondering if there were a protocol of sorts for a TEST E cycle at around 500-600mg a week. I was also wondering if I should just stick with TEST E or if I should add something in for a bit of a boost for the first few weeks.

Being that I'm a big guy and have been for quite a few years, my cardio is horrible(even when concentrating on it...up to 2 hours of recumbant bike 3 times a week). I was wondering what some of you guys thought would be better, cycle the TEST E/deca or dbol or drol or do something like T3/clen with maybe 250mg of TEST E a week to retain muscle mass while cutting. I'm just curious as to what you would do, open to suggestions and feedback(positive or negative).

Thanks in advance.


Well, we don't know what your goals are so we wouldn't be able to tell you to "cut" or "bulk".

You can add in Dbol at the beginning of the cycle to raise plasma levels.


Test E 500mg/wk 1-10
Days 1-4 50mg/ED
5-9 40mg/ED
10-14 30mg/ED
15-21 20mg/ED

Make sure you have an AI on hand in case of that nasty ole gyno. Also, with Dbol, keep an eye on blood pressure. If you are a "big boy" and not in too good cardivascular health then that is just one of the things that you need to consider. We all want to live long, right? good luck


goals are eventually to bulk up...I guess I was kind of wondering if it would be better/easier to cut and then bulk cleanly or bulk and then bust my ass even harder trying to retain as much muscle while cutting. blood pressure is a non-issue. I'm a big guy but I'm in pretty good shape(have a pretty physical job). I'm just not a big fan of cardio because of how boring it is.


Well if you can squat 300 for 50 reps your cardio can't be that horrible.

As for your cycle noone can tell you what you should do, - i.e. bulk or lean. The healthy choice is to lean of course but that is entirely you own decision. Whatever you do however you should still gain lean muscle mass, providing your mg are high enough. 500 mg of test enanthate in my opinion per week, will not yield satisfactory enough results. I you are going to supress your hpta, you might as well get some good gains doing it. Double you dose.