Cycle Options? Issues with Deca

Hi everyone, I’m a long time lurker but first time posting here. I recently cut a cycle short at 8 weeks due to what I’m assuming was prolactin related gyno. The cycle was 600mg test e and 300mg of deca weekly split into 2x injections. I over respond to arimidex so used 20mg of nolva per day to combat gyno during the cycle. In week 6 my nipples seemed noticeably puffy and sensitive, by week 8 I had a noticeable pump under my right nipple, I immediately dropped to my trt dose of 200mg a week and have continued 20mg of nolva a day. The lump is reducing now and I intend to cruise for the rest of the year. My question is for people who respond this way to deca, what compounds would be a better choice in terms of side effects? For the record I had no issue on my previous 2 cycles of test only, the first 400mg a week and the second 600mg a week. I’m 29 years old 6ft 1, 235lbs around 12% bf currently. I’ve been lifting in some form or another since I was 14. Any advice appreciated guys.

I have never used any other compound besides Test and only in TrT doses.

But what I am noticing on these forums is a trend to lower dosages and cut the cycles times down.
For instance, running Test at 150mgs a week and Tren at 300mgs a week for 6-8 weeks instead of the 12 or whatever they have decided. I believe the rationale is that it is less time on cycle, less total amount of gear but capable of running more cycles per year. I think more people are trying to look at the longevity of this thing called life. Less sides, less damage to major organs, more constant gains. I am not sure about the legitimacy behind it, but the logic sounds good to me.

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When using compounds like deca or tren that can cause problems like this we can’t assume things. Blood work is a necessity with all AAS but especially when using multiple compounds that comes with other possible side. With test only cycles it’s pretty easy you don’t neccarily need to monitor mid cycle bloods. With 19 nors and orals this is a must.

In the furute I would suggest

  1. have a dopamine agonist on hand for possible prolactin sides
    2)montior bloods at the very least prolactin levels on 19 nors and liver values on orals.
  2. run the testosterone at a trt dose high testosterone = elevated E2 which = harder time controlling prolactin.

I had always read that test should be higher than deca to reduce sides from the deca? I’ve considered the low test higher tren approach but the potential mental sides scare me with tren, I have suffered with anxiety and depression in the past, it was related to a specific event but still.

Not sure I know what you mean by “over respond” to Adex. How much were you taking and how often? How do you know you were over responding?

The only time I ever had a little nipple sensitivity was my first cycle and I ran Adex at .5mg every 3 days until it went away. Only lasted a couple weeks.

Going from 400 to 600 to 900 is a big jump over three cycles. Why did you make the jump from 400 to 600?

If you think deca is giving you gyno, like zeek said you need a blood test.

Your other options are EQ(which I personally like, very low sides), Primobolan(great if you can get the real deal but often faked/substituted with other steroids, and very expensive), Masteron( good, shouldn’t give you gyno, but quite hard on the hairline).

You could also try an oral for 4-6 weeks, like anavar, or perhaps anadrol(good for strength, but reputedly potentially has its own gyno issues, unrelated to estrogen. I personally haven’t tried it)

Without bloodwork I would be hesitant to think your gyno was caused by such a low dose of deca in only 8 weeks. But perhaps you are prone to prolactin problems. I have ran deca a few times and personally don’t care for it and strongly recommend EQ over deca.

What sort of ratio do you suggest for test to eq? I’ve seen a few guys running it at 400mg test 600mg eq

I have run it 500 test in 250EQ and I’ve also run it 500 test and 500 EQ. No add side effects at all either way