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Cycle Options for a First Time?

TF is wrong with you?? someone disagrees with doing 500mg and all of a sudden is a troll??? Pull your head in.

So you were wildly irresponsible with your choices and now you want someone else to listen to your advice?


This is complete bullshit. I don’t know who started this bro science theory of you have to always increase doses to get same results but it’s the dumbest shit ever.

If your only training 3 times a week you have no business using steroids.

  1. You are 22 and should more
    Than likely not be dabbling in AAS.

  2. you are incredibly irresponsible for not
    Having blood work done. Very possible you had low testosterone and that 250 is putting you just slightly above natural levels.

  3. you shut down your natural ability to produce, for something you could have achieved entirely through hard work and diet.

Most importantly… most everyone here is telling this guy he should NOT use steroids at all. He, as well as yourself, both should not be.

Furthermore, you giving advice without blood workout to provide any proof of your claims is a bit irresponsible. You have absolutely no idea what the 250mg/wk of test has done to your hormones, and are judging things based on your perception and sense of being. That’s far from scientific.


What the fuck is wrong with me? lol

What am I to think when a new member comes in here posting like he is a steroid expert giving advice when you have no experience or education to back up your advice? You could have lost that body fat naturally thru cal deficit and cardio/weight training but yet you chose to shortcut it with Test. You didnt bother to even get blood work.

And Dr. Douchette has said that 500mg/week is a good starting point as that is pretty much the standard protocol. The Doc was referencing Eric Trenevesky when he was running like 5g of Test a week.

I have never ran a cycle or Test at the dosages that high. I run TrT at 100-200mgs per week. 200mgs per week puts my Free Test at 1284. I dont give advice on steroids because I am not qualified to. I do call bullshit when I see it or give common sense advice, such as Getting blood work done before starting. Or trying to wait till at least you are 25 before using steroids due to the brain is still developing. Or telling new members looking for first cycle advice not to incorporate to many compounds. I usually try to stay in my lane.