Cycle Options for a First Time?

First off, Im looking at options to run my first ever cycle ( Altought Ive been prescribed Testosteron and other stuff from age 14-17 due to issue with my thyroid causing me to not go into puberty.
Im not looking to become the hulk or over do it, Just a liltle something to give me an edge aestically.

-Im 32 years old male
-5’10 171lbs around 20% bfat

  • I run a full body 3x a week Program
  • Only using Proteinpoweder + multivit + creatine so far
    -what im looking for in my cycle is gaining some mass and losing some fat ( a sortof recomp? if possible?)
  • I dont have any long term plan, im not traning to become a probodybuilder or competing in any sport.
  • Why I want to try it out: I Mainly feel im gassed out most of the time I have a pretty hard physical job ( roofing) and im constantly tired, was wondering if a bit of boost in the testosterone departement would help my issues as a side effect ( main goal would be better body overall)

If you have any other question feel free to post Ill try to answer them to the best of my knowledge

It seems like 500mg a wk of testosterone only cycle for 8-12wks is pretty standard dosage protocol for any first cycle for performance enhancement.

Agree with 500/w. If you can’t do well off that then you’ll never gain on anything. It’s easy to manage (for most people), effective, and has a ton of known quantities to it.

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How long have you been lifting for?

What’s your diet like? 170lbs and 20% bodyfat sounds like you have a good amount of progress still to make, and could use some more dedication to both the gym and diet.

How long is your full body workout that you do 3 times a week?

Have you had lab work done? Might help answer your questions about feeling tired. Even if the test helps with being tired, what about once you come off of it?

It honestly sounds to me like you’re expecting this to be a magic shot that changes your physique while you don’t change your diet or workouts.

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There is a major problem somewhere in your program. I don’t know if it’s your diet or this 3x full body shit but at your height/weight/bf you are skinny fat and unless you just started lifting (in which case you shouldn’t be using steroids) something is way off with your program in which case all the steroids in the world won’t help you reach your goal.

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Exactly what i was trying to get at. Even if his body had any slight improvement while on cycle (big if, aside from some water), then it would be lost immediately after coming off.

Need to get training and diet on track.

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i have been on fierce 5 beginnger full body program for about 7 months, ive made progress , but i started cutting recently, and i cant progress each week anymore.
yeah i would say im skinny fat, i went from 165lbs on a bulk to 180, and now back down to around 170

You should be able to get to 180ish and 12-15% body fat relatively easily with a solid diet and good training. Given you have a physically active job, and your body fat is still around 20% and you’re thin, I would guess your diet is pretty poor.

You doing a beginner full body program for 7 months alone shows you’re super far from being ready. Most guys train for 7+ years before going down this path, not 7 months.

I would highly recommend holding off. If your diet and training do not improve, you will waste money and risk your health all for nothing. You will lose anything you gain.

Sorry to be a Debbie downer. Just know there is no secret pill or cream or injection that fixes poor training or diet.

Dont be sorry, your advice are greatly appreciated
Cutting has turned out to be much more difficult than I though especially after a bulk. Im trying to eat around 3000cal as of now and keeping my protein intake at around 1g/bw. my training is serious although its not easy during week days so alot of failure comes from there ( 100f+ roofign with a welding torch… for 12hours…)
I sleep 7 to 8 hours a day on the week and 10ish hours on weekend. Yet im still exausted beyond beleif… uauly at 8h30 pm i crash on the couch

count yourself lucky! I only get 5hrs sleep a night and 8 on weekend! And 3000 calories would be a bulk for me , a cut is 2000. I’ve been training over 10 years.

for the tiredness, might defo be worth getting some bloods done first before you go down a cycle route, no reason for you to feel so tired with that much sleep and only working out 3 times a week.

Well the job is as hard as it gets but what do I just go to the docyor and ask for bloodtest? Or is there somewhere online I can do that? Im from quebec canada if that helps

any info on how to get my bloodpanel done? is it just to go to the doctor and ask for it ? what Should I be asking/doing ?

Yes. Go and ask. CBC, metabolic panel, Total T, E2, make sure he gets ferritin and iron levels, vit D (you are almost certainly low, given your work and living in Quebec) and a thyroid panel. And tell us what our diet is.


Go get blood work done. Get a full work up done including Test, Free Test, SHBG, Lipids, CBC, thyroid. Have you experienced any medical problems since your Test injections when you were a teen?

You could possibly be LowT. I would start there. If you are Low T, I would get started on a TrT protocol, get that dialed in for a year or so, then start Blasting and cruising at the same time you are fixing your diet and your training. There is a section on these Forums called Jim Wendler 5/3/1 that has a great program you could take a look at.

As most have already said, Gear is not going to be a magic pill or shot.

Already got some blood done for thyroid ( to see if I had the same issues from when i was a teen and it came back normal, Ive already approached my doctor with these symptoms, back in january, Ive cut back on coffee ALOT so im now only taking 1 cup a day max, lowered my alchool intake ( which fixed with morning sickness ive been experiencing for a few years when going to bed late( without drinkin alot I had issue), but the tiredness just wont go away.

I Disagree with 500 test, i am 3 weeks in to my first ever cycle of 250ml test E and am getting amazing results from it. If you start at 500 Test then thats your baseline from then on you, you will have to make it say 650 or 700 for the next cycle. Since you arent looking at competing 250mg will give you the edge. Clenbuterol would burn some extra calories but you can do that with a good diet and some cardio and since your not going to compete … no point risking your heart health for 200 calories that you could burn on a bike.

Watch some Greg doucette videos man, educate yourself and get the facts. Unless you wanna compete 500ml of test is a bit much in my opinion.

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Lol GTFO here troll. 250mg a week will barely put most people over the range.


250 is just a hair above TRT for many folks. Did you have low testosterone before starting on your 250 cycles?

Plenty of folks run 500 for their first handful of cycles with great gains. Can also play with other compounds for a little extra boost. There’s quite a few cycles to play with before jumping to 600 or 750mg of Test per week.

Who says you NEED to increase dosages? You can run 500mg as many times as you want? I’ve know of big guys that have blasted grams and grams of gear but after all that sometimes just run 8 weeks of 500mg I don’t see your point? So your saying eventually I’ll be taking 5 grams of gear to be baseline? Then when do you stop increasing dosages

I am 22, I am not sure what my levels were before doing 250 Test, but im assuming that due to my age they were alright. I know alot of people run 500mg but the guy sais he trains 3 times a week and has no intention to step on stage so why would he need 500mg when he only wants a small edge? I dont think someone who only trains 3 times a week full body needs more then 250mg.