Cycle Optimization - Primo, EQ, Test

Hey there,
Hoping someone with lots of experience could share some advice on how to best use the compounds I have.

Background: 200 lbs, 7% bf, on TRT prescribed by doctor, have run one test blast @ 300 mg/week.
I recently obtained:
1 x 10mL 200EQ/200Test
2 x 10mL 250mg/mL Test
3 x 10 mL 200mg/mL Primo
All long esters.

Ive always been a big fan of low dose, long term, quality gains because Im care about my health a lot. Im looking to use these compounds in the healthiest way possible while also optimizing muscle gains.
I have blood tests for TRT every 4 months so I dont want to skew the results and get caught for cycling by my doctor. For this reason, I was thinking of running Primo at a lower dose (140mg/week) atop my TRT dosage of (140mg/week) for long term until I get my bloodwork and then do a blast (Test @ 500 mg/week and EQ at 200 mg/week) for 10 weeks.
My question is, will using low dose Primo for a long time equal the same gains as running it higher (~500mg/week for 12 weeks). Im thinking in the long term.
Im also curious as to what you guys think would be a good way to use these supplements.

You’re already a damn good size and low BF, how tall are you? I’m no pro with Primo, and other guys will chime in. But even 500mg weekly of Primo is pretty low from what I have seen. I think most guys see the benefits at 700-800mg a week of primo. Be careful adding too much at once, if you get sides, you won’t know what’s causing them.

Maybe just run Test at 300mg which you’ve done before, and do a higher dose of Primo? Should give you pretty good results from what some guys report regarding Primo. I’ve been considering Primo and was consider 800mg/wk for 14-16weeks given its minimal sides.

The other great thing you can do given you’re on TRT, is just add a mild oral and keep it super simple. Test and Anavar is a nice little cycle, simple, less injections, less compounds, etc. anavar has minimal sides and isn’t too harsh. Or something like DBol.

EQ at 200/w will be similar to EQ at 0/week. It’s not even worth it at that dose. It’s extremely mild. On top of that you’d only run it for 10 weeks, which is almost the same as running it for 0 weeks. EQ needs a higher dose and a much longer cycle. The good news is that it’s cheap and plentiful, so you could easily grab another four vials and plan out a serious blast.

As to the primo at 140…it’s kind of a waste of an expensive oil (unless you’re using it to cut, which, your bf is 7% so holy shit you don’t need to cut). I’m like you in that I do not want harsh cycles/blasts and am willing to go lower for longer. I’m looking at primo currently and the plan is 500/w minimum for at least 15 weeks.

Thanks for chiming in guys! I got the EQ for free and dont really want to buy more as its hard to find a source with good purity. If you want to see my physique as a gage, check out my insta @theleangentleman. Id like to just use what I have right now without buying anything else unless you guys think I absolutely should. What do you guys think is the best way to go about this. I didnt feel much at all from the 300 mg/week cycle. I really like the idea of adding primo atop my TRT dose as it will increase my free T and provide pretty good gains over a long period of time, also I think itll be beneficial to run it at low dose and hop off when I need my bloodwork for TRT since its easier to manage my levels when im not drastically altering my hormones. I also have no clue how to use that EQ, I know you all reccomend higher doses. Would it be wise to just do a basic test cycle at 500 mg/week and frontload with the EQ at 400 mg/week for the first 5 weeks? Or test at 500 mg/week and EQ at 200 mg/week for 10 weeks? Or use the test, EQ, and Primo all at once and use up all the Primo and EQ during the cycle? I just want to go about this the most optimal way and make keepable gains. Sorry, im just still quite confused about how to go about this.

Great physique man, lean as hell. I wouldn’t force myself to use stuff that I got for free, just for the sake of using it. I don’t think you have enough of either to make worth using. If I were in your same shoes, I would buy more primo, and run it with your TRT dose of test or slightly above depending what your dose and levels are.

I’ve never used Primo, so tough for me to give more advice than what I would personally lean towards doing. I hope you get it figured out though. Don’t pressure yourself to use the stuff you got just because you have it.


I second everything @aaronca said. You look fantastic. Are you still in college? Because of so that’s extremely impressive. It takes guys a long time to build that kind of physique.

Anyway, skip the EQ mix for now. Save it for a cut. No, it’s not known as a good cutting drug, but it’s got its place in low doses. I will be happy to explain if you’re interested but otherwise I’m not typing it all out.

Get more primo. Seriously. If you have the internet in your pocket then you have a ton of sources available. Or just run test and use it to slowly add some more size. It’s hard to give advice to someone who looks like you. You obviously know how to train and eat and how your body responds to different things. Everything I can offer you is theoretical.

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Thanks guys! Yes, im a junior in college. What doses do you think I should run then? Are you reccomending I just do low dose Primo atop my TRT? Im trying to add more size (want to get to 220lb, currently 200).

That’s quite a bit of lean muscle you’re looking to add, that’s a few cycles probably.:… like Iron said, everyone responds differently.

I think Iron is saying the same thing by saying get more primo. Run higher dose primo. From suggestions I got here, and research I did, 700-800mg of Primo was really where I have heard and seen the best results. Again, anecdotal from just my research and speaking to folks.

I admire your pursuit of doing It clean. It’s how I started, and I’m on the fence right now between staying low risk and running Primo/Test/Mast, or going to the dark side with Tren/Test.

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Sounds intriguing. Maybe 800 Primo, 300 test? Anecdotally how much mass do you think I can add running this for 12 weeks? Assuming I wont need an aromatase inhubitor at these levels as well.

@Singhbuilder would be able to speak better on results from Primo as I haven’t personally run it. Maybe he can chime in.

No one will be able to guess how much you will gain though. It comes down to genetics, training, diet, rest, quality of gear, etc.

Nothing is going to put 20lbs of lean muscle on in one 12 week cycle, especially if you’re trying to keep it as clean as possible.

I’m hoping and praying I maintain ~5lbs of muscle from this Test / Anavar cycle I just finished up.

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I saw good results from 800mg Primo. Not quite 20lbs but at least 10lbs of keepable weight.



How long did you run that cycle for? Any other compounds aside from low dose test?

@Singhbuilder I’m curious as well what your test dose was, how long you ran this for, if you experienced any sides, and if you wouldreccomend changing anything with the cylce.

My test was at 180mg/week alongside 400mg EQ. No sides at all from that cycle. You could increase the test slightly if you wanted to to feel more “alpha”, but I only cared about the muscle gain and not using an AI.


How long was the cycle?

12 weeks.


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