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Cycle: Optimal Program

what is the most optimal program while on a short cycle…

a conventional mass/strength builder like 5x5 ect.

or something like QD or a more hypertropthy based program

my goal is to add about 10-15lb of LBM while keeping fat gains minimal

50c/30p/20f diet…minimum 4,000 k/cals

not sure if im forgetting anything…all my supps are in line PCT ect…

Basically you dont change waht has worked in the past for YOU. Maybe just add a bit more volume or hit it a bit harder but you dont want to try something that you are not sure works. Go for something you ahacve success with.

If you dont know what gives you success then I suggest postponing the cycle a few years and figure that out first,

Hope that helps,


i basically normally make my own routines…I’ve had great success w/ 5x5, OVT, and meltdown training before

was planning on ABBH, but might hold off until after my cycle and do a modifed 5x5 w/ some extra volume

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Good plan. While I liek ABBH I would def. suggest using something you are familiar with.

well actually its a cycle of Superdrol

gonna run it at 10/20/20
suport supps & PCT:
Red Yeast Rice
Hawthorne berries
galic tabs
saw pam
sesathin,fish oil,flax
multi w/ lycopene
Milk Thistle
AI- Rebound XT
also be running CEE w/ some Citruline Malate PCT