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Cycle Opinions?

I’m aiming for lean gains with a 10 week cycle. Also avoiding estrogenic sides as much as possible; here’s the planned cycle and PCT:

1~10 Test E 400mg/Wk
3~10 Masteron P 70mg/EOD (280mg/Wk)

1~11 Arimidex 0.25mg/ED
12~13 Nolvadex 20mg/ED
14~16 Nolvadex 10mg/ED

14~17 Alpha Male/ Max Dose
ZMA/ Max Dose

  • There’s no particular reason I’m starting Masteron on week 3. I have enough for 8 weeks, and figured it’s not really necessary for a DHT like Mast to be run the full length of any stacked cycle anyway.

Any thoughts would be helpful.


BTW, above it says- Adex from weeks 1~11.

In actuality I’ll be taking it from week 1 to 11 plus 3days.

Hence I’m going to keep taking Adex 10 days after the last injection of Test. Reason being at 400mg/Wk I’m predicting it to be out of my system in 10 days approx.

Does all seem OK?

Technically you’d be averaging 245mg a week of Masteron.

First thing I see is not a high enough dosage on the Nolva. Instead of 20/10 go with a weekly split of either 40/30/20/10 or even 40/40/20/20.

Also while Masteron is often used in cutting or as you said even lean gain cycles, with a Test E base you’re compromising yourself a bit.

While one certainly try and gain muscle and shred the body concurrently. I always prefer to either max the growing or do the shredding.


I’ll go 30/20/10.

Anybody else want to add their 2c?

no need. you did your homework.