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Cycle Opinions

Here is what is on the list. (A bit of a crazy collection, but all that was around. I know its not a lot of HGH, but all I could get. Might as well throw it in )

I’m a lean athelete. Right now, I am 6’1" and weigh 172 with about 8%BF. I heavily cross train for sports and do a lot of olympic lifting. Not looking to get huge, but would love to find 8-10lbs of muscle and some more strength that I could KEEP.

I’ve done some cycles before, but its been a few years. (Always been skinny. Was 150lbs when I started playing with AS years ago.)

I know that it would be better to add some more gear, but this is what’s available to me, so I’m determined to make the best of it.


Lots of Winny tabs (45mg from ip)
40 ml Tren-Fina (100mg/ml)
4 amps Sustanon
48iu HGH
1 bottle IGF-1 R3
10,000 HCG

There’s also some Stenox around, but from everything I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like a good idea for me.

Here was my thought. (From what I’ve read, Winny starts to lose effetiveniss after about 2 weeks, so I thought I would use it to “ramp up” and “ramp down” the cycle.)
I also just read an interesting article about how very small doses of Winny binds with SHBG and allow the other AS to work better. (Hence the 10mg per day in the middle.)

Week - dose
1 - 45mg Winny ED
2 - 45mg Winny ED
3 - 10mg Winny ED, 50mg Tren EOD 1xSus
4 - 10mg Winny ED, 50mg Tren EOD, 1xSus, 15iu HGH (5x3)
5 - 10mg Winny ED, 50mg Tren EOD, 1xSus, 15iu HGH (5x3)
6 - 10mg Winny ED, 50mg Tren EOD, 1xSus, 15iu HGH (5x3)
7 - 10mg Winny ED, 50mg Tren EOD, 1xSus, 15iu HGH (5x3)
8 - 45mg Winny ED
9 - 45mg Winny ED
8-12 - PCT and IGF-1

For PCT, I want to follow what Anthony Robins wrote in a mesomorphosis article with HCG, Arimidex, and Nolva.

ANY and ALL suggestions are welcome.



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Interesting advice…

  1. Why save the GH for PCT? Doesn’t it work beter during the cycle? Why only 1iu per day?

  2. Wouldn’t 4 amps of sus be better than nothing? With the longer acting esters, shouldn’t it stay in the system for a while?

  3. Tren ED makes sense. Easy enough to do. Good idea.

  4. I KNOW that I read about winny losing effectiveness after 14 days. Something that Anthony Roberts wrote. I’ll have to find it.

(Now that’s two beers I owe you :slight_smile: