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Cycle Opinions


Hey Guys,

I try to do as much research as I can before I ask questions about cycles on forums (Don't want to be that guy who asks dumb questions that can be researched in 2 minutes), I also don't like to run a cycle without knowing everything about it and what to expect.

The cycle I'm looking to do will be more of a cutting cycle. I will try to give you guys as much info as I can and your opinions and suggestions on my second cycle would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.

Current Stats
Height - 5' 8"
Weight - 200lbs
Age - 25 (Will be 26 by the time this cycle happens)
Bodyfat - 13-14%
Training - 7 years (Didn't take bodybuilding seriously in the first few years, was very into Kickboxing and Martial Arts and didn't want to get too heavy because I competed)
Training For Bodybuilding - 3 years

Current Macros (Still Bulking):
Calories: 5,000
Fats: 91 grams
Carbs: 575 grams
Protein: 425 grams

Cycle History:

1st And Only Cycle:
Test E 300mg e3d for 10 Weeks
Arimidex .25mg eod

PCT 1 Week After Last Pin:
HCG - 2500mg eod for 10 days
Nolva - 40/40/20/20

Gained 30lbs and only increased 2% body fat
Kept most of my gains

Proposed Cycle:
W 1-14 Test E 600mg ew (Don't want to do Prop, not ready to inject eod)
W 1-12 EQ 500mg ew (I know about the potential increased appetite)
W 8-15 Anavar 60-80mg ed (Depends how my body reacts)
W 1-15 Arimidex .5mg eod

Also looking to front load the EQ, first shot being 900mg.

PCT 1 Week After Last Pin:
HCG - 3000mg eod for 10 days
Nolva - 40/40/20/20

I know a lot of people say run EQ for a long time, but I don't want to be on a cycle that lasts 5 months. Also I know for some people EQ doesn't do much and others swear by it, everyone's individual and I want to know if it works for me.

My biggest question is, for those of you that say EQ does nothing for them, do you mean literally nothing or the same as just running higher test would have done? And what do you guys think of this cycle? Thanks Again!


The thing with EQ is that it's a VERY mild hormone; you need to run it in a higher dose for a longer period of time to see any real benefit. Most people consider it to be a polishing hormone as well. You're not going to see drastic benefits from it, but it does give a very nice look. Personally, I wouldn't run it any lower than 600-800mg a week. Also, since you're only going to run it for 12 weeks, you need to frontload it properly (I.E. if you're running 500mg a week, your first week should be 2000mg). While some might disagree with that, it'll correctly peak your levels the fastest without drop off.

Cycle looks fine otherwise. Should be a fun ride.


Is there a different hormone that you would suggest for a second cycle?


run your EQ at 800mg and that'll be a REALLY good second cycle.

Test, EQ and var gives an awesome look.


That would be 1,400 mg between the two, too much for a second cycle? Also what are your thoughts on frontloading it?


well, if you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly bear.

I've tried frontloading in the past and honestly never saw much of a difference from it. Probably couldn't hurt, but I'm not convinced it's necessary. Kickstart with dbol if you want to really explode out the gate.


More var 120mg


Dbol at the beginning of a cut cycle though?


you can cut on dbol, absolutely. You can bulk and cut on any AAS; it's all diet.


But then between the var at the end and the dbol in the beginning that means I will be running orals throughout my cycle. Will that be too much for my liver?




oh, and like Kenny said, up your var to 100mg at least