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Cycle Opinions/Oversight?

New to the site but not new to cycles. Rode a few cycles and shifted a couple gears :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

In all seriousness. I want to try fast acting ester, I have no experience with them but I believe they may be best for me for PCT and the whole being shut down thing.

I was thinking 50mg-75mg a wk test prop
And 400mg-500mg a wk mast prop

PCT will be Nolva typical 40/40/20/20/20, may add in some HCG while on cycle idk yet :man_shrugging:

Also I may cut the test p out the last 3 weeks of the cycle.

My goal is a body transformation and cut very hard. The goal isn’t muscle gain but if I do cool. I plan to only eat chicken breast and broccoli (basically lean meats, veggies maybe some fruit) . Maybe only eating once daily and especially not eating every time I’m hungry and just suffering through the pain.

Just a heads up, everyone usually wants some more background info to give you good feedback.
Hieght, weight, age, bfp, etc…

Also you may want to add in the duration of the cycle, again for more accurate feedback
Example: Test p 50-75mg week 1-10
Mast p 400-500mg week 1-10

Nolv 40/40/20/20 weeks 12 to 15

Again, do not know your weeks but that is just the usual format to get the best feedback.

Eating only once a day? WTF?..

50-75mg per week of test is not even a TRT dosage really. My doc is not a quack and prescribes me 160mg per week. With test that low, I can see the mast causing low E2 side effects. Why not run the test prop at least 30mg/day for 210/week?

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Double the prop dose and you’re good. You don’t need much test to hold onto muscle while cutting, but 75mg/w is going to legit be worse than just doing it natty. But 150 paired with a decent dose of mast (would be careful going too high with such low test) and you should be able to retain a lot even in a deep deficit.

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Did it a few weeks (years ago), wasn’t bad. But I got hangry as fuck. Body composition changed for the better.

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7 maybe 8 weeks if I’m lucky… I guess whenever the gear runs out is how long. I’m projecting hopefully atleast 7wks.

If I run out sooner then it is what it is.

I’m 5”11 & I’m 203lbs-205lbs first thing in the morning after I use the john and before I have breakfast.

The goal is to be 180lbs

My age is 25

200mg test is the upper range of what I can handle before side effects start to build and arise. Weird yes but I’m sensitive to test

200mg is probably the most I’d be willing to take because I know my body

Yessir eating once a day, it’s called Intermittent Fasting. Maybe once a week or every 10 days I’ll have a cheat meal. Not a cheat day, just a meal.

Absolutely, the goal is to hold muscle while in a deficit

150mg test isn’t a crazy amount. Then again from my understanding prop doesn’t carry a lot of ester weight either…

My reason being, I didn’t want any extra bloat or water. Just seeing what the least amount of prop I could take get away with it to where it’s beneficial in retaining muscle, and being vascular from the mast and the feel good effect.

400mg Mast is probably more than plenty for what I’m trying to accomplish.

I want something that is in and out of the body quick so I can jump right into PCT, long esters seem great for people who TRT and blast and cruise. To many variables in when you PCT, the half life takes a long time before it totally clears your system

Test prop raw weight is about 0.8 of the stated mg dose. So for 50mgs test prop multiply it by .8 and get 40mgs of raw test.
So even after we adjust you earliest stated dose of 50-75mgs test prop per week that only equates to 40-60mgs or 5.7-8.6mgs per day average. Now yes natural production is usually in this window but we have to remember that natural production fluctuates during the day so it uses those mgs more effectively and efficiently. It has the slightly higher levels when it needs them for your daily rhythm. When we switch to synthetic we don’t get that fluctuation that gives us more when we need it. So we have to have higher total mgs per day to have enough when our body needs the higher level. Also remember to have that window of 5.7-8.6 everyday you would have to take a small injection everyday. I personally like taking a lower (relative) steady every day dose of test prop but that is because of where I am with my development journey.

You indicated you might double the dose, probably a good idea. I do wonder what it is that happens when you get higher test levels, you did state you are sensitive to the higher levels. Depending on what you experience some of those early effects of higher test levels do subside as our bodies adjust. I am not trying to push you to up your dose, I am just wondering what it is that happens? Testosterone is just too good of a compound to totally miss out on if you can do something on your end to help your body tolerate the “whack” of a higher level. Really if we were all smarter and more efficient we could do 95% of what pro bodybuilders do but with just testosterone, and not use crazy high doses.

You mentioned water retention or bloat. With test prop even at higher doses you shouldn’t get much of that if any. Please understand any and every estered hormone seems to cause some water retention and of course any wet compound would also cause the retention. It is just with the shorter esters and how the test is in and out of our bodies there just seems to be less retention. Really there shouldn’t be any difference but there certainly seems to be.

Someone mistake me if I’m wrong but dropping the Tprop for the last three weeks but continuing the masteron will probably shut you down worse I think… One of the main advtanges with the prop is that you can start your pct a couple days after your last shot , plus at that sort of dose, I can’t see bloating or water retention being an issue, especially with masteron in the mix

Shut down is shut down. You cant be anymore shut down when your shut down.

Shut down

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