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Cycle Opinion


Hi guys,

I have received good help form here in the past and I like to post my cycles for opinions before starting.
age - 27
cycle - 3rd
status - competitor (offseason)
height -5' 3''
weight - 155lbs
Goal: about 10lbs of lean mass while keeping bloating under control, libido HIGH, fat gain low, and a quick recovery

I am looking at running a 12 week Test E, Tren A, and EQ cycle.

1-12 - Test E @ 1000mg/week (E3D dosing or 2x per week)
1-10 - Tren A @ 400mg/week (EOD dosing or 4x per week)
1-10 - EQ @ 600mg/week (E3D or 2x per week)
1-12 - 75mg/day proviron
1-14 - 0.5 mg caber (E3D or 2x per week)
1-12 - Arimadex @ 0.25 (EOD or 4x per week)

2 Weeks Before End of Cycle: HCG @ 1500IUs 3 times a week
1 Week Before End of Cycle: HCG @ 1500IUs 3 times a week
First Week Post-Cycle: HCG @ 1500IUs 2 times a week

Day 1 Post Cycle: Clomid @ 300mg
Days 2-14: Clomid @ 100mg ED
Days 15-28: Clomid @ 50mg ED

Days 1-28: Nolva @ 20mg ED

If anyone can recommend anything to ensure that my goals are met as closely as possible. If you think the cycle is is good, please let me know that too so I have an idea of your opinions.

Thanks in advance!....




I'm a National-level athlete and have been training for 8 years.

Why the "LOL"?......