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Cycle Opinion

Hey guys!
I was just wondering what you think of this cycle. It’s a beginners one and nothing crazy crazy…but I think it’s okay. Please let me know your opinions.

Age: 27
Height: 5’3’’
Weight 147lbs
Training: For 7 years
Competition: Competed 1 time and training for 2nd competition

Week 1-10

  1. 500ml/week of Test Cyp OR Test Enth (Haven’t decided which one yet)
    injection once every 3rd day

  2. Proviron 100/day

Week 10-12

  1. 40mg Nolvadex

Week 12-14

  1. 20mg Nolvadex

I’ll clearly be eating clean (3 clean carbs per day and high protein). Slightly more relaxed than contest prep diet. I’ll also be training 4-5 days per week on a specific Mass/Strength regimen.

Natural Supplements:

  1. Milk Thistle (3x per day)
  2. Multi-Vitamin (Premium)
  3. Fish Oil (Omega 3-6-9)
  4. VeggeGreens (Green Food)
  5. Phyotoberry (antioxidants)
  6. Purple-K (Creatine)
  7. Expand (BCAA)
  8. Taurine

I would appreciate any input in this at all. I am working with a very experienced trainer and nutritionist, but I still like to hear the opinions of expereinced users as well…

Thanks again guys!..

Start the pct two weeks after your last injection, other than that looks ok… Do you have an AI?

What’s your workout

[quote]razii wrote:
Start the pct two weeks after your last injection, other than that looks ok… Do you have an AI?[/quote]


Week 13-14

  1. 40mg Nolvadex

Week 15-16

  1. 20mg Nolvadex

an AI is very important, dont start your cycle with out one. Optional: drop the proviron

Thanks guys

As far as workout, I’m not sure yet. My competition is November 27th and I’ll be starting the cycle December 27th.
My trainer and I will have an offseason program running. I just rely on him for that part…haha

So nolva only starting 2 weeks or 3 weeks after injection @ 40mg/day and then 2 weeks of 20mg/day and other than that it looks okay?

As for this stack, my trainer has mentioned that proviron will block steroids from aromatizing, while nolvadex will block estrogen receptors. In addition, this is a 10 week cycle not a 16 or something…

Again, any input is great!