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Cycle Opinion Test/Deca/?

I’ll be taken 500mg of test, with 500mg of Deca weekly.
is there anything else you’ll recomend with this.
my goal is lean mass gains.I have some thoughts just want an oppion.

thanks little joe 

stats ht 5’8
wt 230
%bf 20%
this is part of my comeback to powerlifting.

For one you should be using more test than deca. How many weeks are you plannning on using? PCT?

Yeah lj you don’t want equal ratio’s try to have almost double the test as deca. 600test 400deca would be ok too. 500/300 is really popular too. I’d throw in some dbol if you can. 40-50mg for a month after a couple weeks of starting your injectables. I like the dbol deca test trifecta. Did it three times. However, as a returning PL’er you are going to want to get to know your friend mr. tren. If not this cycle definitely next time.

thanks for the imput,I’m sorry 500mg of test & deca is what i have,I’ll use 500mg of test cypt, with 300mg of deca. I’m thinking of using 25mg of anavar for 30 day or 50mg for 16 days It’s all I have, need some oppions . I’ll try to get the tren

Yeah, 500mg of deca is rarely necessary. In fact never necessary and rarely used.

(Dont mix tren with deca… just in case you thought saps meant that…?)

The anavar for the first 3 weeks (20 days) at 40mg (80x10mg tabs i assumed you have…) would be an ok kick in strength, ths may suit you though?


Great addendum JJ.
LJ yeah I went Tren instead of Deca for your next cycle.