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Cycle on WSP

I am currently about to start the Waterbury Summer Project. My main goal is fat loss, but more importantly; I just want to know what I can expect considering this is my first cycle.

I have experimented with HGH/Insulin (i know, dumb) in the past, and had freakish results but prob. won’t do that again. Have only taken T boosters such as Alpha Male, TRIBEX, andro poppers, but never any equipment. Im 23 yrs old, 165lbs, 10% BF; and looking to become more vascular, reduce body fat, and harden my muscles.

I am currently cycling my carbs, and maintaining protein at 1.5g/lb bodyweight, and 33g/fat spaced out evenly between 6-8 meals (first 3 P+C, last meals P+F).

For my cycle i was thinking of:
500 mg/propenate/week

I hope I gave enough info. Cost is not an issue, and all my equipment is good.

Thanks guys, try not to thrash me too hard :wink:

I’d start by cutting out the deca…not ideal cosidering your goals.
how long?..whats your PCT look like?