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Cycle Ok Please?


HI, I posted a few weeks ago and thanks to your helpful replies I did not go ahead with the bad cycle I was going to.

After much research I have come up with this Cycle, please tell me what you think, and I am going to take Chlomid tabs, if anyone can suggest a dosing for chlomid that will be great as I am still not 100% sure on the chlomid dosing.

WEEK 1-10 500mg Sustanon (2 x 250ml per week)
WEEK 1-10 200mg Deca (once a week)
WEEK 6-10 30mg a day of Dianabol tabs
WEEK 8-12 Chlomid therapy

I have decided against winstril as I not to worried about cutting up just yet and wish to go for size at the moment.

Is this OK?

Thanks in advance


  1. Dump the sust and get some test enanthate.

  2. Injection frequency should be at least 2X week. I prefer E3D. 1X week is going to make your blood plasma levelss look like a roller coaster.

  3. Start the cycle with dbol, don't end with it.

  4. PCT should be started no earlier than 2 weeks after you last injection, not two weeks before.


Sust or Enanthate is ok. I prefer Enanthate as well. Start Clomid two weeks post cycle. I run for it for 6 weeks.


Because of deca's long half-life, is it not a good idea to continue the test 2-3 weeks beyond the last injection of deca?


In what respect?


I wanted to saya couple of things here. One, I will agree with getting rid of sust. I finally tried it, and although I was running a very low dose, I didn't like it.

Stable blood levels make sense, but I have been doing 250mg 1 time per week for the last 6 weeks, and have not been on a roller coaster. I have broken out a little more than previous times, but that's it.

200mg of deca is pretty low, I'd go with 300 even though it's your first. Also, someone else made a good point about running the test longer than deca, this is key! I'd run test at least 3 weeks longer than the deca.

Clomid only is a pretty shitty PCT. You also dont' mention doses. A-dex only would be a better way to go. If not, at least try and get some nova.



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Yeah - I should have said to run the teat for 12 weeks and stop the deca at week 10.


I'm sure that blood levels are going up and down more than before. I was surprised though that I haven't had mood changes, sex drive has stayed the same, nothing else besides the acne.

I also switched from sust to enth, so that might have had something to do with it. Maybe I sould just go back to 500mg/wk so I can do 2xweek injections :slight_smile:



I like the compounds your useing. I do lean a tad more to the enanthate but your not doomed if your purchase has been made. Bump up the dosage of the decca to 300 or 4.

@ the end of the cycle run the sust or test e 2 weeks longer tham the decca. Get you some nolva to have on hand for the duration of the cycle.

You should be pleased wirh the results you get from this cycle.........provided you eat like a sombitch and work your ass off. Get swole bro.



Again thankyou very much for the help and advice, I am looking into nova, can anyone reccomend dosing and when to take the nova please,

Again thanks very much for the advice, It is very much appreciated.