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Cycle Off of Test and Nandrolone Without Using SERMs?

Is there a good way of cycling off of a cycle of nandrolone and test without the use of SERMs? Due to some severe vision issues I am having, I do not want to further complicate things by using SERMs. I am hopeful that there is something to help, even if only mildly effective, rather than just coming off cold turkey.

Triptorelin 100mcg, one dose. Nolva 150mg one dose. Yes it’s a SERM, yes it’s necessary, but one dose shouldn’t cause vision issues in the same way as continued use would.

Or HMG. Or triptorelin one dose without Nolva and hope that you don’t get instant gyno.

Are you saying 100 mcg of Triptorelin AND 150 mg nolva, or are you sayin 100 mcg Triptorelin OR 150 mg nolva?

Same question about your second statement

Yes, triptorelin plus nolva. Someone on reddit did a whole write up about it a while back and my recollection, which admittedly could be faulty, was trip + Nolva.

Guys have been attempting to reinvent the pct wheel for a while now and some things show promise. I wouldn’t personally sign off on any of them because I don’t feel I know enough. But what I’ve given you is a starting point to do your research and see if anything out there meets your criteria and your preferred safety profile.

Good to go, I don’t think I’ve ever been on Reddit for anything, but I’ll see if I can find that section and do some reading

Just google ‘triptorelin for pct’ and I’ll bet a ton of things will come up. Like I said, I know it exists and people do it but I’m not comfortable saying ‘do this and it’ll work’ because it’s outside my level of expertise.

After reading that, I’ll take my chances with coming off cold turkey. It may be perfectly fine, but I’m going to let other people be the guinea pigs on that


Yeah, I believe that is at high doses over a sustained period of time. But also…no way would I personally take that chance.

Look into HMG and see if that fits a little better. Because no pct after nandrolone is going to be a bad time for a long time.

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