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Cycle of the Golden Era

I have seen in many sites that Arnold’s cycle was deca 700/primo/1000/dbol 20 a day. Why is it that people keep adding tren, dangerous orals and steroids designed for cattle? All that three were designed by governments and bug pharma to be used in humans, why this degeneracy using boldenone for horses, tren for cows…etc? Just a thought, IMO his physique was far superior to any I have seen in modern era.

A drug is a drug, it doesn’t know what its designed for. It either works or it doesn’t.
Boldenone was originally developed and approved for humans. I don’t know whether tren was developed originally for cows, but it was approved for human use in the 1980’s(in Europe, not sure about other countries).
Drugs fall out of favour, for various reasons. Sometimes a superior drug replaces it. Sometimes the patent runs out on a good drug, the company no longer can make money out of it due to competition so they bring out another drug and promote it as superior. It may not actually be.

You might like deca, primo, and dbol. Most first world countries have stopped using all of these drugs, for regular prescriptions despite their efficacy. You might still be able to get deca, but primo and dbol have only been available from UGL for a long time.
Also steroids at 2000mg /week. Steroids were never developed to be medically used at such levels. Many people in the broader community would think that was degenerate as well. I bet you wouldn’t care if you got a body like Arnie using that dose.

What matters is what works to achieve your goals, without risking your health, or at least minimising the side effects.

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I don’t think there is anybody around anymore that ‘knows’ what Arnold took other than Arnold. For that matter he was a career bodybuilder with proven track record from a young age. I don’t know anybody on this forum that is a successful bodybuilder of even half that caliber. Recreational doses are the most I think anybody should dabble in if they are going to risk it. I also can also guarantee that what Arnold took is not near what current mass monster body builders take. I agree with you that his physique and those of the golden era are much more appealing but that is very subjective.

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Because people are fucking idiots and want their dream Instagram body tomorrow regardless of the damage they’re doing to their health.

I bet golden era guys would have used tren had it been available.

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Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t. I think that, if tren was around during the Golden Era of bodybuilding, the risk/reward ration of tren would be heavy weighed, whereas today, people just tend to toss it in extremely recklessly. No thought given to immediate/long term damage to health.

The thing I really like about Arnold, and all of those fellas at the time, is that their cycles were mild (compared to today). It was their work ethic that literally built their bodies. If half the guys today had that work ethic as opposed to just relying on drugs, physiques would be a lot more appealing as opposed to just these huge walking pharmacies.

I should clarify my post. I think many of them would. Some probably would not.

I think they worked hard and still used a lot of drugs. In pumping iron Franco had a gusher of oil coming out of his thigh in one of the scenes.