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Cycle of Pros at 19


I recently tried a bottle of masterdrol (prohormone) not long after turning 19, also i have been on creatine ever since I was about 15 or 16. Should this be anything to worry about when it come to my hormones etc.. in the future? luckily it was just one bottle that I actually split with a buddy.


It's funny/sad that you think that random people on the internet can/will know how half a bottle of a "PH" may or may not affect your endocrine system in the long term.

Get a grip with how the real world works. Or call Ms Cleo...


I'm no expert, but I would be willing to bet that half a bottle of masterdrol did not destroy your HPTA especially if you used a SERM PCT. Go get some blood work done if you feel lethargic or weak.


That was retarded. Hey Bonez is back!

P.S Better be careful with that creatine, it will make your kidneys spreadable on toasted rye


you think dude knew about pct?

I mean come on now, hes been on the creatine since he was about 15 he says